A25 And M25 Ghosts

Have You Seen Anything Strange in Kent?

The A25 actually follows a well established route that is very old, it deviates where modern urban development has conflicted with the old turnpike roads. The turnpikes having been built on some traditional tracks and pathways.

There are a large number of accounts and experienced that can be reached from the main archive of Kent51 features. In the years we been publishing accounts of unexplained phenomena user feedback has been central to the growth and development of these pages. If you have any experience of such phenomena you wish to share we'd welcome your comments.

08/07/13 "Dear Buster and Yourcounty, you cannot localize the paranormal activity on these ancient routes to one particular place, you need to follow the course of the original tracks and paths and join up the different phenomenon that manifest at different places. Peter & Helen Trowbridge"

15/12/13 "I have twice seen unusual things on the A25 in the Borough Green area but not in the same way as the accounts published here. It's more something out of the corner of one's eye and a very strange feeling in the pit of the stomach, anyone had experience of this? B Tenby"

04/07/13 "Dear Yourcounty, Im a local resident and have never seen anything strange in the area! HF"

"Isn't the A25 built on a Ley Line? If it is problem solved. Simon (sent from my Bumbleberry)"

"My two penneth on the A25 ghosts, this is an ancient highway and if anyone is interested there are other accounts about unusual phenomena along parts of the old historic routes. S Rowell"

"The fishponds are the site of unusual activity and have been for many years, it's an area avoided by many locals after dark."

"I would like to reply to Kylie Whitfield's entry about the apparition she and her father have seen on the A25 between Seal and Borough Green.

I would be interested to know whereabouts exactly he has been seen? I ask because I too have seen a strange phenomenon in that area, not on the A25 but close to it, near the fish ponds opposite Styant's Bottom.

A couple of years ago I was out for a run and was passing the fishponds just as dusk fell, and saw a large white object moving down the hill towards the path in front of me. At first, I thought it was a small white 4X4, until I realised that there was no sound, and also that the path was not wide enough for a vehicle at that point. I watched as the object carried on down the hill, and disappeared from my view behind a mound.

When I got to the point that the object would have crossed the path I was on, there was nothing to be seen.

That was a couple of years ago, and I still do not know what the object was, and although I have been past that spot many times since, I have never seen it again.
Sue, West Kingsdown" 

Yourcounty user Kylie Whitfield shares an experience with us and wonders if anyone out there can shed any light on this phenomenon.

"It was only today that I found out that my dad had seen the same thing as I had, I had always thought that I must had just imagined it.
Whilst driving home late one night from working in the restaurant I worked in I came to a part of the journey home that I hated. It is this really long stretch of road surrounded by really thick forest both sides, that takes my from Seal in Kent through eventually to my town called Borough Green, the A25. The road is always so dark and empty at that time of night and really eerie I find. That night I just remember seeing this person standing on the side walk of the road just standing there watching me as I drove towards him. I had to look twice, but he was definitely there, all in white standing just really still. It was just really weird because the road is really in the middle of nowhere and this person was just standing there watching all in white.
My mom said today that dad had seen something on the same road a while back. It turns out that it was the same section of the road, the same all the white figure except this time he was sitting on the corner of one of the junctions along the road, just watching the car again.
It gave me such shivers to find out that it wasn't only me who had seen this man and I just want to try and find out if there have been any other sightings or if there is a story behind this mystery white man who sits on this dark road."

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