Beckenham Ghosts

Can You Add Anything To These Accounts From The Beckenham Area?

Welcome to our Beckenham ghosts page. Follow this link to our archive of Kent51 features. In the years we been publishing haunting and ghosts reports as well as user comments, your feedback has been central to the growth and development of our content. If you have any experience of such phenomena or wish to share local knowledge we'd welcome your comments. We generally publish accounts or parts of accounts that are unedited, we can't of course guarantee to use all the material sent to us but we generally aim to ustilise anything that is relevant and appropriate.

Generally speaking when an area gains a 'reputation' for unexplained activity there are more accounts forthcoming form the general public than for places without such reputations. This I think means that if people expect to see something then this makes it more likely, conversely if people don't expect to see something then they are less likely to observe the phenomenon.

03/05/14 " Dear Yourcounty, The area around Shortland Station is in fact very well lit and I imagine it to be one of the safert stations in London, yet coming back there late at night really freaks me out, you always feel like you are being followed or watched. I've never actually seen anything but just thinking about it now sends the hairs on the back of my neck up. It got so that If I'd been out in town I'd stay on the train and get off at Bromley and walk the extra distance home. I'd be really keen to know if anyone had the same feeling? KJ (now living in Battle)"

"Parts of Beckenham are in fact very old and in one way or another have seen great tragedies over the years. Growing up there was talk of a ghost in Shortlands, but that was many moons ago now. Jen"

"While staying at a relatives as a teenager in Queens Rd Beckenham I woke in the middle of the night. I walked from the upstairs bedroom and turned left towards the toilet. At this point I saw a quick flash of a man on fire running directly at me, it lasted no more than 2 or 3 seconds but I was petrified to the point I woke the whole house up. I told an aunt about this incident recently and she told me that as a child she used to see an old lady standing in the corner of her bedroom just looking at her, her room which was directly next to the bathroom was the flaming man had come from.

I checked with elderly neighbours and it appears that the garages to the rear of the property (next to Balgowen school) used as lockups, they were build on the site of bomb damaged houses. In fact the bathroom and the rear bedroom had been damaged at the same time in the bombing and there were fatalities.

Still freaks me out!"


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