Big Cat In Lenham

What Could Have Carried Out This Attack?

This thread was started by an individual account sent of us a couple of years ago, we haven't heard anything since. Dogs have a reputation for worrying sheep but a full slaughter by a domestic dog is very rare (in our experience). Would a big cat kill just once or could we expect several such slaughters over a period of time? I'm not sure that Lenham has enough cover to support a big cat for a sustained period without more sightings. I think at the very least dogs out walking would smell and disturb any such cats.

I would be interested to know the data on dogs killing sheep in Kent. We have seen several examples of sheep deaths and injuries put down to attacks by dogs. Unless we have evidence that dogs are to blame in a particular case it seems a simple and blanket way of explaining sheep that have been found dead and partially consumed.

More unusual phenomena in Kent linked from the Kent51 Archive - If have anything 'unexplained' you'd like to share please email us

07/06/14 "Sirs, the picture you publish of a sheep apparently killed in a big cat attack has the hallmarks of a dog killing. A big cat would generally take a significant amount of its prey flesh whereas a dog is much more likely to kill out of instinct than hunger. I note the comments about the exposed rib cage but it would appear the bulk of the sheep is intact. "

"Dear Yourcounty,

is this phote reliable? I live in the area and don't recognise the the location. Just for your information, sheep do sometimes die of natural causes and within a day or two their corpses will be opened up by scavangers, foxes et al. Not as exciting as a werefolf attack but a little more probable.

Barry Holmes"

"Dear Sirs,

as you don't seem to date your items it's very hard to put them into context or to reply with something sensible that is relevant and up to date!


Ed - Ronnie, that' a very good point we'll ad a date for all new submissions, thanks for the feedback.

"Have there been any reoccurrence of the big cat sightings in and around Lenham?"

big cat attack

"I have attached a couple of pictures which I took this morning from my field. The dead sheep was in the field next to mine. It was not there the previous evening when I checked my sheep just before dark, but was there when I checked again this morning about 9 am. I live in Lenham Heath, Kent.

This killing does not look, to me, like the usual fox kill or dog kill. There did not appear to be any scuffle around the body. The only thing I did notice was that there was a trail of white wool which had obviously been pulled from the sheep, from the back, as if something has been trying to pull the sheep down. The whole of the ribcage was showing and the intestines and presumably any unborn lamb was all missing.

Could this be a big cat kill?



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