Dover Ghosts Reports From The Cambridge Road Area, Dover

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05/07/14 "Are the archives of the Dover Express online? Mrs Hind and your other correspondentse might find the Marine Parade hauntings were quite wudely discussed in the town during the 1970s." Mr HAT

"IIRC there was a report of a ghosts in the Cambridge Terrace when the ferry company had an office down there, but we are talking 20 years or more. Mrs. Hind"

"The whole Cambridge Road area is dead spooky, even during the day, brrrr!. Crabble King"

"Dover has been inhabited for thousands of years, why is there not one verifyable ghost sighting?"

"If ghosts do exist then Dover would be a prime site, steeped in history, the scene of much turmoil since roman times - if anyone makes a sighting it is particularly useful if to record as much details; where, when, what time etc"

"My family have lived in the Dover area for many years and there are two other widely experienced ghosts in Dover. The Grand Shaft still attracts a lost soul looking for the cells at the bottom of the shaft to sleep off his hangover. And there is the ghost in Snargate Street itself. Other residents of Dover must know something about these characters. B Turner"

"There have been been several sightings of a 'ghost' dressed in Victorian dress in Cambridge Road. My mother lived in the area until 1976 and mention this several times.

Simon - Jersey"

"Sighting at Cullins Yard, Cambridge Road, Dover
A tall male figure in Victorian style clothing has been seen (4 weeks ago). This sighting lasted for over an hour, with the figure moving around the restaurant. This is the first time I have witnessed this type of activity but staff and other patrons have seen this figure along with other sightings of children playing. Has anybody heard or seen anything in this vicinity.

Dave Cooper.....Dover"

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