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It's a bit of a cliché I know, aren't all castles supposed to be haunted?  Dover has some celebrated hauntings investigated by paranormal researchers and featured on television. What makes the Dover Castle hauntings notable are the sheer number and variety of apparitions which have been highlighted.

Welcome to our Dover Castle ghosts page. Follow this link to our archive of Kent51 features. If you have any experience of such phenomena or wish to share local knowledge we'd welcome your comments. Our contact details are below.

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"Dear YC,

the underground caves are so spooky that it makes you feel jumpy just to be there There are a couple of cold spots, could an investigator go and check the temperatures and explain these unnaturally cold places?




I was on a visit to Dover Castle with my family and we all went down the WW2 hospital tunnels. We were having a great time. We went through the operating room and stayed in there for a while listening to the recording. Then we left the operating room and entered a long corridor. In this corridor there was a door to the left of us not quite half way up the tunnel but there was also a large iron door at the top of the tunnel. We stopped at the first door for a brief second as our tour guide talked to us. Me and my family all looked up at the end of the tunnel. I a figure of a ww2 soldier in uniform walk out of the bolted shut iron door and then pass through the wall opposite. Then after he left a ww2 nurse walked in the same direction but I had no clue what a ww2 nurse looked like but this lady was wearing a dark blue dress with a white apron with a red cross on and a little white hat thing and what looked like a cape. Then we concluded with the tour. When we left the tunnels I mentioned that I saw a ww2 soldier and nurse. Then my dad, nan and granddad said that they saw a ww2 soldier but not a nurse. But my mum and sister were also looking up there at the same time and saw nothing. When I got home I looked online and what I saw was mentioned several times by different people. Can someone explain what this ghostly phenomena could possibly be.

From Aaron"

03/07/14 "Have stayed in Dover and visited the castle, aside the exhibits and projections (holograms) there is something spooky in the tunnels. two seperate people saw it. There are so many accounts that there must be an explanation or more information. When we asked a member of staff they were very tight lipped. T Martin, Auckland "

03/06/14 "wasn't sure where to send this story but I knew I wanted to so here it is.

Me, my young siblings, mum, dad and uncle decided to walk through the tunnel where operation dynamo occured. As soon as we walked in my youngest brother (who's 1) began pointing and talking, this later turned into him completely freaking out and crying. He doesn't usually do this so my mum took him out and he was perfectly fine.
We then all went into the underground hospital.  This time he was fine and was so happy walking and babbling away, as soon as we got into the corridors he grabbed onto me and wanted to be picked up. When I did he was squeezing me so tight so I ended up covering his eyes thinking he was frightened of the corridor. Just after that, I saw a shadow of a man carrying a hat under his arm and an outline of soliders' uniform but he was quite skinny. He walked around the corner and through a blocked off door. I knew it definitely was not a projector as I searched for one. As I said "did you see that man?" My mum looked me straight in the eye and said so calmly "you can see them too?" She described a busy corridor of shadows walking around and others on what looked like beds, stuck in time. We weren't worried at all because they were so peaceful and just doing they're every day activities. "

07/09/13 "I have enjoyed reading all the accounts of hauntings at Dover castle, and while they have their own merit some are conected to matarial phenomena and some are potentially supernatural, perhaps it would help your audience if you seperated them into two categories? Peter J H"

11/09/12 "Dear Yourcounty,

I think in old places like a castle there is an atmosphere, an energy which influences our minds, if a castle seems frightening we are more likely to see frightening things. If it seems peaceful we are more likely to see peaceful things."

09/09/12 "Hi,
I recently went to Dover Castle with my family and friends to pass some time. We decide to go into the war time tunnels and the Hospital. Now usually strange do happen to me, and my dad has said about other family members being contacted. I would never really belive this untill Dover. When walking down the War time tunnels I could always smell flowers, yet nothing was down here at all. About half way down I froze, I didn't want to but I felt as though someone had grabbed me and my freind noticed me. When she tried to help me she looked over my shoulder and gasped in her eye reflection I could see a man standing about 5 foot behind us. He was dressed smartly and had a cap under one arm. Then just like that he was gone, and I was fine. Me and my friend didn't say anything.

But when we went into the Hospital I was looking down one of the closed of corridors that curved round and I saw shadows and voices arguing. When I asked the guide he looked down at me scared and stuttered that I must be imagining things.
When you go down one corridor you can see were the digger carved things into the walls. I had a strange urge to touch one, it was a small symbol and when I looked to my left I saw a boy standing at the end of the corridor looking at me then he held up his finger to his lips as someone passed straight though him. I wanted to talk to him but as I opened my mouth he shook his head then faded. I wasn't panniked and I spent around ten minute looking for projectors or cameras and found nothing. But now whenever I walk to school on my own I will glance around and the boys there for a second. So I need someone to tell me, Can ghosts latch on to people and follow them? If anyone can tell me more contact me"

"I came to your site by incident. I did see what looked like a nurse in the undergroend tunnels of the WW2 hospital.

I visited Dover castle in 1996 ( I think) with my wife and children. While we were shown the hospital tunnels, I saw a Shape wich seemed to be behind a ground glas door or something similar. In my opinion I saw a nurse in an what seemed an old fashioned uniform (blue and white) I expected to see a sort of waxfigure or something like it. But the tour took an bend and did not pass the place where I saw the uniform. I asked if there were any uniforms in display but the guide there were n't any. ( The guide did look quite puzzeled why I asked her) It occured in the central tunnel, we visited the kitchen etc afterwards as I remember.

A.van Aarsen

"After some strange pics taken on quick succession because the camera seemed to have trouble focusing, I snapped the attached three pics.  The first shows an orb, the second the ghost (nearly the same as another photo in your collection) and then nothing!

I was touring the castle on my own on Saturday 12 February 2011. 

Thank you,


Dover Castle Ghosts

Dover Castle Hauntings

ghots in Kent

"Anyone that has seen the ghost and the projection will know the huge difference between the two images."

"Thought I would add my two penneth worth into the discussion.

A year ago myself and my partner went on an arranged ghost tour of the castle. As was to be expected, nothing much occurred. I was expecting to see absolutely nothing, which is precisely what happened - but on entering the communications room in the wartime tunnels, lagging a little behind the rest of the group, I was struck in the chest with such a force I stumbled backwards. Seconds later, I heard the tour guide tell the rest of the group that occassionally, people entering the room were pushed by a spirit of a commanding officer who worked in the area during the second world war. I said nothing at the time. Indeed it was only after the event that I appreciated what had happened. I have experienced haunting events previously, my former home was haunted, so although it came as little shock to me I would like others to know that there are spirits active in the castle!

Rob, Deal, Kent."

"Back in 2004, when I attended university in, Canterbury me and my friend decided to go on a day trip to Dover War Tunnels. We too saw a figure of a man appear to walk away from us in the distance and straight through a set of sealed 'cold war' period doors. I remember being at the back of a tour going into the surgery room, I believe. Me and my friend heard all this comotion from a group of foreign tourists, he then swiftly tapped me on the sholder and pointed to the back view of a bloke walking away from us. We were surpised thinking what is that bloke doing he can't walk around here without a guide but at the point that he seemed to go through a door we were taken back. We invesigated the door once we reached it in the door and relised it was bolted tight and the man if physical in entity would have had to play about with his keys for a good while to open the doors.

I can honestly say if it is a projector it must have cost an absolute fortune to be capable of projecting holgraphic images; something that I'm sure English Heritage won't want to spend. I spent several visits investigating positions for projectors, laser projecitng image devices but couldn't find anything.

Alban, Croydon. "

"Hi, have just read the account reporting a soldier stepping out of a door in war time tunnels (Dover). I saw the same thing last weekend, and asked about it at the reception - it's a film shot onto the wall rather than a screen. Very effective, they play it without telling people. Just thought i'd point it out...
Ann, Kent."

"I visited the wartime tunnels twice in 2008. My Dad was on Mtbs in the area,and had been in some of the caves and tunnels when he was stationed there during the war.I wanted to get a feel for a place where he had once been. The second visit although very interesting didn't come up to my experience on the first visit.

At that time a group of us were being led along the tunnels and listening to various interesting facts when, as we were guided to a right hand turn , before turning I happened to glance ahead of me to what was obviously a dead -end corridor,and saw a soldier standing against the wall at the far end. He was in uniform holding what I took to be a clipboard. The uniform was what I recognised to be WW2 style khaki and his trousers were gathered in at the ankle as if wearing gaiters? He also wore black boots.He was bareheaded, and as I looked at him,he looked at me, he then turned around and returned the way he had come (there were no other doors or corridors he could have come from, as it was a "dead end" with just the one turning where we were all standing.) To my surprise, this soldier, which I had thought was someone re-enacting a role, after looking me straight in the eye turned around and went through the wall! I stared, hesitated, then looked around to see if anyone else in the group had seen him, but they had all gone ahead of me. I never said anything because I wasn't sure if anyone would believe me. How come I was the only person to look down to the end of the corridor? Why did he choose me? It was an amazing wonderful experience that I will never forget.


"I visited the castle on 3 August this year with an aunt and uncle and we went into the medieval tunnels. As we were about to leave and go back up the slope to the exit I waited at the bottom to take a photo. As I did so the flash didn't go off on my camera so I carried on up the slope and went outside. It wasn't until much later that evening that I decided to take a look at the photo's I'd taken that day and noticed that I did have an image from the tunnel. What I didn't expect to see were the strange transparent 'legs' in the middle of the picture and what appears to be a face above them and slightly to the right. I've shown it to a number of people and none of us can explain it. Strangely enough in the top right hand quarter I can make out another face. Common sense tells me I should really go back down there to see whether its a trick of the light against the walls or if I really did get a picture of something 'ghostly'!

I've attached the picture so you can see what you make of it.


dover castle ghost

"Having seen your website before a holiday to Kent I went with my husband and two sons (10 and 14) to Dover Castle - April 3rd 2008, and I thought I would relate some strange (and nasty) things that happened. My younger son would not go into the underground hospital - he was terrified and sobbing when we got to the first door - and he is very much a streetwise boy so my husband stayed out with him as I went in with my older son.  All was fine until we came to the anti aircraft operations room. I was at the back of the group and as I went through the doorway something went behind me from left to right, casting a shadow across the lights.  I looked round, to see nothing, but as I looked back my son was looking to the right at a closed door, and he said he was sure he had seen someone going through the door!  Then in the Keep we went into the Kings watching chamber (where there is an exhibition of the type of workmen that would have been there preparing for the King's visit), we went through the hall and up the steps to go to the chapel(on the right), something drew me up the steps to the left, which led to a small opening overlooking the hall we had come out of.  I turned to go down the steps to the chapel, thinking my son was just a couple of steps behind me, I crossed right to left in front of my son (I thought) onto the last step and felt a push on my right shoulder, and fell down the step ending up in a heap on the floor - the result of which was a trip to casualty for ex-rays, and severely torn ligaments and tendons down my left ankle and foot.  On discussing this with my son and husband I discovered that my son was still on the small landing at the top of the stairs having looked out of a small window, when he turned to see me fall.  There was no one else around in the area, and when my husband looked at my back he saw a palm print on my right shoulder blade - when he touched where the mark was it was exactly where I had felt the push.  I don't know if anyone else has had any experience in this area before, but be careful not to cut in front of anyone on stairs in Dover Castle - just in case!!!

Brenda (Dorset)" 

"Several years ago, (1999), my daughter and I accompanied our friends to Dover Castle. We were in England for a lovely wedding, and thus, there was a large party of us on the tour. I saw the soldier in Khaki uniform at the end of the tunnel, waving to me to come forth. He had a medic arm band on perhaps. I am unfamiliar with the typical uniform. Dark hair, not threatening, just beckoning me. No one else in our party, including my daughter, witnessed this. I thought it was a hologram, then when no one else saw it, believed it possibly to be a spirit."

"Dover castle ghost tour 11th Nov 2007

While listening to the tour guide just outside the telecommunications room in the WW2 tunnels a cat was heard to meeow several times, there was no sign of the animal. This was heard by about 10 people simultaneously. This was my first paranormal experience and until now have been cynical. Has definately made me think. 

Must go back again !!

If anyone else has experienced this please email me"

"On returning to my workplace Monday 3/9/07 my colleague told me that he had visited Dover castle and tunnels with his girlfriend the previous day.

I have never visited but will try to recount the strange events that happened to them.

Firstly while walking down a spiral staircase his girlfriend smelt a strong smell of flowers, he could smell nothing? When they reached the bottom she said the smell was gone.

Continuing on they came to an illuminated tunnel with 2 cannons protruding out at the end, my friend said the floor of tunnel went up at a slight gradient. They walked down the tunnel making way for a couple of people coming in the opposite direction, the continued towards the dead end when his girlfriend again said she could smell a strong smell of flowers? He smelt nothing. She stopped walking and turned slowly looking behind them. My friend said her face went white and she froze to the spot. He asked what was wrong and she told him she saw a woman holding a bunch of fresh cut flowers walking towards her and passing through them both. She was shaking the flowers and dew was splashing from them as she walked.

She asked my friend to feel her back because it felt wet, and he confirmed that there were 3 small splashes on her back.

He has no explanation for what happened and smelt and saw nothing himself.

I am keeping their identities anon. but wonder if any one can throw any light on this strange event.


"To everyone who has seen the man in uniform at the end of the tunnel 10 mins into the tour / near the hospital

Sorry to disappoint you but this is a hologram. I saw him on a visit last year and looked out for him again when i went this year and lo and behold there he was !!!

When we reached the end of corridor I found a projector attached to the ceiling. 

Sorry, I guess you're as disappointed as I was. 


"Well, how interesting, today on the 25th Aug 2007 we visited Dover Castle, and later in the day all four of us went on the war time tunnel tour. We watched the video for the first part of the tour and understood the introduction of the history of what we were about to see. Once we had climbed the steep slope to the hospital area we stopped to allow our group to catch up, we then moved on to another area and repeated this exercise. We were the first people in the group to arrive at the point just before the kitchens and mess room area. We were looking toward our guide in the direction of the long tunnel in front of us, when three of our party noticed a gentleman at the end of the tunnel in a blue uniform, he glanced at something, perhaps his watch then, looked directly at us and moved to his right and disappeared. We assumed he went down a hall way or another tunnel. We didn't take much notice and assumed it was part of the tour, but after the tour we gave it some thought. Some thought is was a hologram, but we were unsure as nobody else in the group including the guide indicated that they had seen the same thing. The only thing that makes us think that it wasn't a hologram was the eye contact. He was looking definitely looking at us.

Stan, Tracy, John and Patsy"

"We visited the world war 2 tunnels yesterday Tuesday 14 August at about 3pm we were 10 minutes or so in to the tour and Angie and I were the first two at the front of our party heading for the kitchen so about half way down one of the tunnels waiting for the rest of the party to catch up, our guide had gone back a short way to make sure we were all together when we both saw the door open at the end of the corridor in front of us and a figure dressed in RAF uniform stepped through and the door shut behind him he stood looking at his clip board and seemed to note something down, he was surrounded by a blue / white light we thought it was some one in costume roll playing but he just seemed to vanish  we didn't give it any more thought until I woke up this morning and asked my fiancé if she remembered seeing the ghost! We then found this site and were please to read that we were not the only ones to have seen him and can only now wonder who he is or was and what must have happened to him? We will be going back later this year just in case we see him again!! "  

Joe and Angie from Dorking"

"six years ago when my husband and young son and myself were in the tunnels at Dover castle we went to a room where all the radio equipment is and my husband suddenly went white. He said he had a fleeting moment when the room was working, he could hear the sounds of people and the equipment working like he had been thrown back in time and someone was calling him as though he was part of it. Its a moment that i won't forget either.


"i was visiting Dover Castle on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May 2007 our booking time for the underground tunnels was 10 mins to four, we went on in and we was told that there were some changes hey didnt tell us too much but i had been down there many times before and not noticed any changes, cut a long story short my dad mum little sister and freind were walking at the back of our line with the tour guide way up front we was about to turn right as we noticed a WW2 soldier coming out of the door and with something in his hands and he was wearing a cap and uniform it was like a khaki type colour?? he stood to the side and went back in the door again at this point we didnt think to much of it i thought it was just a projector so we carried on walking through and we went round to where we saw this man standing by this door so i looked up to try and find a projector i saw nothing i then knew that was a ghost anyway as we all got home we all discussed it and my mum sister and freind all said he looked like an RAF polite wearing a blue uniform i thought it was very odd as me and my dad said he was wearing a khaki colour iam very intrested to no isf this was a trick i was paranormal activity and if anyone else experienced this on 7th May 2007

Zoe 16"

"when i was younger about 7 or 8 i visited dover castle with my family. we went down into the medieval tunnels. when we got to the bottom of the stairs i felt strange i looked ahead and there was a flash of light. i asked my family what it was but they didnt see anything. until i left the tunnels i felt a little ill i still do whenever i think about it. my family dindnt seem to notice it.

to support this, i felt the same the next time i visited

also there is an area in the secret war time tunnels. it is the area at the top of where the stairs go down to dumpney level that area allways makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and i go realy cold. anyone ever felt the same down their

i now have a fobia of walking into tunnels, if i do questions are asked first


"Hi, Myself, wife and 4 year old son visited Dover Castle on Sunday 29th April 2007, and while enjoying the view from bell battery, we all could clearly hear the drumming of a single snare drum. 

When we asked the castle staff, most were not willing or allowed to talk about it, but a couple did tell us we were in the right place where people had heard the Drummer Boy.

Shaun & Family"

"Myself and my friend have been to Dover castle on 4 different occasions, once on the actual ghost tour that is held there. Neither of us have seen any forms on any of these occasions (apart from the one you are meant to see in the secret tunnels!) I had a strange feeling in the mediaeval tunnels on my first visit, and it made me feel unpleasant and to tell you the truth...scared. Only on our last visit did we take photos. We had been told about orbs showing up on photos whilst we were on the ghost tour, so this time we wanted to see. I took loads of photos, but because we never saw anything on them when we reviewed them while still at the castle, I deleted them....wish i hadn't now. I took a few more but had given up looking for anything so hence I kept them on the was when we got home and put them on the pc that we saw all the orbs. I'm telling you it was an amazing feeling. 


"Hi All,  I came across your webpage while browsing and realised i had some interesting pics from Dover Castle, where we had a great day out inspite of the weather!

 Medieval Tunnels, inspite of mother-in-law in very far distance, we had lots of orbs that appeared, there was no sun or lights here! 

Best wishes, Tracy Martin and family x"


ghots in dover castle

"My son was working at Dover Castle last year on a film set making a film about Henry V111 and his mistresses, he had to go down into the tunnels to get from one part of the castle to another, a man was walking towards him and brushed his shoulder as he passed, James turned towards him either to say sorry or to moan at him for not moving out of the way and he saw the man disappear. Later he was fixing part of a set in another part of the Castle when the room went icy cold for a few seconds as if a blast of icy air had been blown through the room he mentioned this to one of the castle staff later who said that was a common thing when one of the Castle ghosts was making themselves known. A ladder fell from a wall as if it had been pushed away and many of the film crew saw or experienced strange events. About a month after working on the film James's wife mentioned that he was very unsettled at night and had been shouting out in his sleep, he mentioned names and she made a note of them and checked them out, some of the names are connected to Dover castle, yet my son has never had any interest in Castles or history and has no recollection of these names."


"On 31/10/06 we went on the organised tour through the tunnels under Dover Castle. We were in the section that was used as a military hospital during WWII.    The group we were with paused at the end of a long tunnel before turning right into the old operating theatre. Glancing down the passageway I thought I saw a person in WWII RAF uniform, sitting down on the left hand side of the tunnel, probably 50 foot away. As the light was rather gloomy I did not see any detail, but I was convinced that someone was there and my impression at the time was that the person was wearing the distinctively shaped RAF cap.

I didn't think much of it, after all there were plenty of people around and historic attractions often have actors in costume wandering about.

When I mentioned it to my wife she said that she had seen a figure, a man in RAF uniform, in the same spot, at the same time, but she had seen the figure moving towards us. When we later came out at the other end of the long passageway there was no sign of the figures, nor did we see anyone in costume during our time at the castle.

We can't be sure what we actually saw, but given the other sightings in this part of the hospital, it has made us wonder.

CC (Hertfordshire)" 

"I visited Dover Castle about 5 years ago with my family. While sitting on a long bench watching an old newsreel film in one of the rooms inside the wartime tunnels, I felt two distinct taps on my right shoulder. I turned to my daughter next to me, thinking she had been flicking her hair and had inadvertently touched me, but she hadn't moved and was engrossed in the film. I made no mention of what had happened to the family but, after the tour of the tunnels and back in the castle grounds, the children asked one of the guides if there were any ghosts in the castle. The guide replied that a "presence" occasionally made itself known by tapping women on the shoulder in the same room as we had watched the film and sometimes asking the whereabouts of a particular person: I was rather relieved that that part of the experience at least hadn't happened to me!

Sue - Deal, Kent"

"Hello my husband, friends son and I went to Dover Castle on 02/09/06. I was walking down the stairs from the Gallery, my husband and friends so were in front of me and no one was behind me. All of a sudden I felt some one give me a gentle push on my right shoulder. I found a guide to find out a little more. We were told there had been no reports of anyone being pushed.

The guide told us about the headless drummer boy, and assured me that there was nothing in the castle that would harm me.

Even stranger we went into the museum and my husband took a photo of the drummer boy which is located at the exit. When the photo's were developed that was the only photo on that film which did not come out."

"I have just read a couple of peoples accounts and i am writing to tell you about mine. I have visited Dover castle nearly every year for the past 7 years and each year gets better and better with ghost hunting. Firstly back in 1999 I went down the ww2 tunnels on the tour, as we reached the long coridoor to the hospital part I witnessed first hand a ghost of a RAF officer. As I was standing at the back there were no other witnesses. The spirit smiled at me and then turned away to his right and went straight through what I thought was a door but upon closer inspection there was no door just a wall!!! Well my rational side of my brain kicked in and I thought that someone was dressed up I waited until the end of the tour and asked a tour guide she confirmed that there was no one in costume and that she too had seen him as we were chatting in the communications room the above lights started swinging. I thought this was odd as there was no breeze. The guide took my details as she wanted to look into it for me. She reported back that there was a RAF officer staioned there. There was no name for him or why he was there. Most haunted confirmed what I saw too as a spirit of an RAF officer was picked up while they were there back in 2000.

Another year I was there I seemed to be attacked by something in the medieval tunnels. I was walking through them on my own with a video camera all of a sudden I felt Icy cold in the murder wall part, I continued to feel like this all the way through i also found it harder to breath as I walked. Then all of a sudden i felt a massive pain on the end of my nose. On returning to my husband who was standing with the children, my nose was stinging from the cold (Like on a really cold winters day), he asked if I had fallen as I had a massive scratch on my nose. I explained to him what had happened he said I must have done it myself, but I no I hadn't as I was holding the camera with both hands the whole time as I was shivering so much from the cold that I didn't want to spoil what i was taking. I can't explain this as it was in the middle of summer and it was a scorching day.

I have loads of photos of orbs that were captured whilst visiting Dover castle I will post some to this site as I think they should be seen by the world.   Just to confirm about the seemingly ghost of a officer in green uniform carrying papers under his arm. We last visited the castle in April 2006 and I too saw the same thing as did my husband I asked the tour guide who confirmed it was a projection on a door and had been there for quite a while but is not always working so sorry EJ it wasn't a ghost you saw.   These are a few things I have witnessed at dover castle and I would recomend the castle to anyone.

Cathy Stockwell Shrewsbury. Aug 2006"

Firstly, I don't really believe in ghosts and think that all ghost programmes on tv....are full of it! But my experiences of the tunnels way back in 97'ish, DO sometimes make me wonder! Before we even entered the tunnels, the tour guide was going on and on (as they do sometimes) so I walked ahead of the group and looked down the very first corridor, I saw a man in uniform stood at the very end just looking my way. He then turned to his right and walked off. Being the skeptic I am, I immediately thought that it was some volunteer acting out his weekend hobbie. But when the guide finally lead us to the bottom of the corridor, it only turned off to the right, I think that there was a door at the end of this first corridor, but the thing I most definitely noticed was the lack of door in the direction the so called volunteer had headed. Anyway, I was now thinking projector! As the group slowly started walking ahead, I checked for some kind of camera/projector, all I can say is that I couldn't see anything anywhere and believe me I checked very thoroughly. After not finding anything I went all cold and slightly dubious about being left behind on my own and quickly rejoined the group. Thinking back I sometimes think that if it was camera trickery, they seemed to time it very well because this happened before the rest of the group were anywhere near the entrance. I'm really not sure if I was duped, sometimes I hope I wasn't and think if it really was a ghost that I'm glad I saw him!! Again it's just the unknown isn't it! MBL-Nottingham

"I was reading about the lady who saw the officer dressed in WWII uniform. I also saw him 10 years ago. Me and my friend were 14 at the time, her parents had taken us to hellfire corner.

We were stopped in a corridor and the tour guide was talking to us before we entered the operating theatre (I think) at the end of the corridor I saw the man he was also carrying some kind of papers under his arm and exited through a door (that was shut to start with).

I looked round in disbelief to my friend and she had seen exactly the same thing. We mentioned it to the tour guide and she just laughed it off.

It could well be a hologram but I think I saw him in another place than what the lady described????

To this day I will never forget it and would like to revisit sometime, although I think I would be a bit uneasy walking through all those dark corridors and rooms knowing what could be there


EJ "

Alaina from Northolt emailed Yourcounty to say:

"In response to all of the people who claimed to have seen the tall dark haired man in full army uniform (green) in one of the WW2 corridors, I would like to add my sighting of him to the list.

I visited Dover Castle last summer (2004) and was walking through the underground tunnels when I walked past a corridor on my left, I looked in thinking it would be just like the rest and full of WW2 memorabilia but it wasn't. It was completely empty apart from a long chest of some sort on the right hand wall.

Anyway, as soon as I looked into the closed off room/corridor a tall dark haired gentleman appeared to walk out of the closed door at the far end and close the door behind him (as I have said, the door was closed already), he had some papers in his hand too. He was tall, over 6ft, with dark hair and was holding some papers in his hand.

What confused me though was the fact that he looked like some sort of projection or hologram, I have read a comment from somebody on the site who says that it is a hologram but I would like to ask this person to go and have another look and search for the equipment that should have been in the room to project the image onto the door. I looked for any equipment for some time as I thought that it was just another dramatisation by the castle 'trustee's' but I can quite honestly say that I found no evidence of this man being a 'creation' of the castle."

"My family and I visited Dover Castle and the Secret Wartime Tunnels several times while we lived in England a few years ago.  The first visit to the tunnels, I noticed an older gentleman in full dress military uniform.  He was standing in one of the main corridors looking at the tour group.  I had a fluttering feeling in my stomach.  He was just standing there.  I did happen to notice that no one from the group was paying any attention to him, including my own family.  We went through one of the rooms and out the other door into another corridor.  As I turned into the corridor, and walked by another room off to my left, I saw the same uniformed gentleman sitting on the edge of a bed.  He was just sitting there looking out into the corridor.  Once again, no one else paid any attention to him.  I had the same fluttering feeling in my stomach.  That time, I spoke to my husband, and asked him about the man sitting on the bed.  He told me that he didn't see anyone in that room nor down the first corridor. A couple of trips later to the Tunnels, our tour guide was telling of some ghost sightings in various rooms.  He never mentioned the man that I had seen.  After the tour, I asked him if there were ever employees that dressed in period time clothes for the tours.  He said very rarely if ever.  Then, I happened to tell him what I had witnessed before.  He agreed that what I had seen was most likely a ghost.

T Myers"

"My husband and I visited Dover this weekend...5/30/05 and fell in love with it!  While driving up to the carpark, there's an area where the road goes through the castle wall.  I took a picture, amused with the fact that we were "driving through the castle wall".  Once home, I put our pictures on our computer just to find that there was something of sorts inside the arch of the wall we had driven through.  It's long and thin and stretches from the top of the arch to the side right.  There also appears to be a light at the top of the arch (I didn't make note on whether or not there was a light in there). Really great experience!! "

strange things at dover castle

"in regard to Andrew Samuels email to you i would like to say that there is a hologram on the wall at the end of the first few tunnels. This is to create the atmosphere of being there in ww2 times so i think what you saw was a hologram but i am a massive fan of most haunted and yes they did say that a man in a army uniform has been seen there. So who knows id just thought i should let you know that at the end of some tunnels there are

i visit dover castle all the time being an english heritage member. Nearly every time i have visited i have felt really on edge and as if someone was running a point of either a sword or sharp point it really freaks me out but i love the history that accompanies the castle and it adds character. I will definitely keep visiting maybe just to visit my ghostly friends.

Kerrie Draper"

"I am a member of the army cadets and was on a camp we had the chance to visit the castle after open hours for free.

We was on our way around the castle and saw a group of wooden stairs leading down into the under ground tunnels. my friends dared me to go down on my own and find another way out of the tunnels and i couldn't resist the adventure.

On my way down i found it getting unbareably cold i just put this towards being underground. Once i got further in a heard a group of footsteps heading towards me and i thought it was a group of my friends trying to freak me out but i was walking through a small dark room when i felt a flash of terror rush through me i felt like i was being jumped on . i was terrified so i ran back where i came from to find nearly all my friends were eating there lunch and hadn't entered the tunnels at all. i returned to my usual self when my friend noticed i had bruises up my right leg and 4 huge scratches over my neck which had been bleeding as there was dry blood surrounding them.

......before this i never knew the castle had been visited by most haunted but i feel like i love this castle twice as much and think it is great and loved the underground hospital although i will NEVER enter the tunnels on my own again.

"I went to Dover Castle today (30/1/05) and would just like to ask anybody if they noticed the orbs which I thought was on the first introductory film prior to entering the WW2 tunnels. Im not totally sure whether these orbs were on film or in the room with us.  Also my seven year old daughter who is normally full of bravado, was very un-nerved in the medieval tunnels as I was.  I was very brave in front of her, but had a feeling of being trapped and almost breathlessness in there. Anybody else had this?

"I'm interested in any ghostly sightings in and around the Roman lighthouse at Dover, has anyone seen anything?


"My partner and I visited Dover Castle yesterday at 3pm. Because it was so late in the afternoon (1hr before close) the tunnels were closed, we only had a very short time in the castle and there were not many people walking around.

My partner and I took some photos with the digital camera. In one of the darker rooms he took a photo of the fireplace....explain this later on...

I went into 1 of the rooms was dark and lead to nowhere (I think it was a wardrobe????) anyway I got a really cold feeling at the end of the room and smelt a whiff of strong perfume. There was no-one else in the room or near the room at the time and I was not wearing any perfume. Has anyone reported anything like this before?

On the way home in the car I was looking through the photos that we had taken on the digital camera and in the picture of the fireplace there are 2 orbs!!!!! We are 100% sure that these are not reflections of light as it was dark in the room at the time, its not a reflection of anyone's flash as there was no other person in the room when he took the photo and its not a dirty lenses as there are no similar markings on any of the other photos we have taken.

We are going to get this photo analysed by the National Ghost Society in USA....just though we would let you know that we are pretty sure we caught it on camera....

Thanks very much.

P.S We loved the trip to Dover Castle...its the most beautiful Castle in the UK so far!!!!

Kindest Regards,

Kat "

"Recently, me and three friends went daytime 'ghost hunting' at Dover castle, armed with EMF meters, infra red thermometers and digital cameras. Nothing happened until we went into an underground tunnel (not the WW2 ones).

We took many photos but nothing appeared out of the ordinary, until we 'asked' if anything would like to make it's presence known.... and then we had a flurry of activity in the shape of orbs - many pictures we took after that then contained orbs in them, but only when we asked for them.... now i'm not sure what to believe about orbs, but it did seem to be a strange coincidence that they only appeared in the pictures when we asked for them....

Great atmosphere at Dover!


"Hello! One of my friends and I visited Dover Castle a couple of weeks ago. I took a picture of the king's bedroom and it turned out very interesting. There are bright colors "flaming" out of the fireplace. It looks like the colors might be made up of faces. Haven't gotten the picture on the web yet but I plan to do that soon. I have a question...does the candle in the room have a fake flame on the wick? In my picture it looks like the candle is lit. Please let me know at I would also be interested in hearing about similar reports to this one.



"A few years ago now I went on a school trip to the underground hospital in Dover. We were doing the usual tour and were about to go into the main hospital area I think. We were on a tour group and we had stopped at a junction in a corridor, about to turn right. Carrying on down the corridor was nothing but a sealed door at the end. I got bored of listening to the tour guide and was looking around when I saw what looked like a tall man dressed in dark army gear walking away from me down the corridor. I didn't think too much of it until I saw him walk right through the sealed door at the end of the corridor. I was shocked beyond belief and put it straight down to me seeing things. That was until my friend, who was over the other side of the group and who I hadn't spoken to at all, came rushing over to me asking if I had just seen this thing pass right through the door. No-one out of the rest of the group saw anything. I only write this now as someone else on this message board appears to have seen the exact same thing, it gave me shivers when I read it! -Pete, Maidstone, Kent"

"We visited Dover Castle last weekend (June 2004). We had watched the live series on Most Haunted and were hoping to experience some kind of paranormal activity. On walking in the secret tunnel tour of the underground hospital my son saw a man standing with his arms crossed at the end of the tunnel who then walked into the wall and disappeared. Then whilst walking through the medieval tunnels, I felt someone poke me in the back? No one was behind me, however, I didn't feel frightened by it.

Clare, Kent"

"My partner, Ray, is a spiritualist (basically interacts with dead people!), and the other week while at his spiritualist church he meet a woman who had come specially to give him a message.

She had been on a tour of Dover Castle and encountered a ghost of a nurse who told her she had to speak to Ray and tell him that he had to visit the castle.  Apparently he had been alive before as a solder and had fought on the Normandy beaches on D-Day.  He had been mortally injured and taken back to the castle where they had a hospital (we both did not know of the hospital at the time).  This nurse, her name Megan, looked after him.  She was his fiancé.  He sadly died and she was unable to say goodbye to him.  She committed suicide and still waits at the castle for him to return and say goodbye to her.  Only then can she rest.  He has never been to the castle but has always had an urge to go.  We are hoping to visit soon to see if she appears to him and I will let you know if anything does.

If anyone one else has any information of this nurse please contact me on"

"i was at dover castle on the may day bank holiday weekend. it was my birthday and we went to the castle on the sunday 2nd may 2004. whilst walking down the tunnel towards the hospital operating room.i just happened to look down athe long corridor and saw a man who i thought looked like a doctor because he had a white overall over his uniform,because i could see the uniform when he turned round, and we were in the hospital part so it made sense that he be a doctor or a medical officer. anyway i just stopped and then he walked through the door at the end of this corridor.i was totally shocked but not so surprised giving where we were. i had always believed in ghosts and have had experiences but never saw one til then. it was great, from caroline."

"A couple of years ago while visiting Dover castle we went on the tour of the war tunnels. As the tour started we looked down one of the main long tunnels. At the end I saw a RAF man in full dress uniform (blue one so assuming it was RAF) looking straight at us. It looked like the man was a hologram or done with lasers. This would have been about 100 foot away. I said to my misses that looks good assuming it was part of the exhibition. When we got to the bottom of the corridor nothing was there. I was more interested in how they had done it, not believing etc. But I couldn't find anything that could explain what we saw. I am now skeptical that it was an illusion. Any body else shed light on this mystery, ie who or what it was?

Chris Peck"

"My husband and I visited Dover Castle in the spring of 2000.  During our tour of the war tunnels, we were in a large long room and the lights above us went off one at a time.  Our tour guide became a bit nervous and looked my direction (I was by the switch) and after she realized that I had not turned the switch off, she shouted "okay, turn them on!". And then, just as they went off, they came back on one at a time!  Please remember, the light fixtures were on the same circuit--they would not have gone off or on in that manner.  It was very spooky, but the tour guide seemed to have experienced it before.
Mary Sturk - Wilder, Kentucky, USA"

"I know this is going to sound crazy.  I had a dream in the summer (not sure what month) of 2000, in which I was a world war two nurse in the tunnels of Dover.  I dismissed it immediately upon awakening, because after all...who would put a hospital inside of tunnels?  I have since seen a show about the tunnels in Dover and was convinced they were the same.  In my dream I was standing and straightening my clothes, preparing to go into the room where the injured men lay.  My nurse was approximately 5 foot 6.  She was slender with brown hair and brown eyes.  She was in her mid twenties.   I noticed that someone posted a note about seeing a nurse straightening her clothes.  Could they be the same one?  I live on the west coast of America.  I would have been asleep during Dover castle's visiting hours.  If anyone has information for me, please e-mail."

"whilst visiting Dover castle with my family on the bank holiday, 04.05.03 we decided to visit the war time tunnel's, it was o'clock our tour started and was fantastic. we was just leaving the operating room when my wife turned to tell me something. then the subject changed with the look in her eye I knew something happened. she told me about a shadow that passed from right to left back into the operating theatre ...   at first I made a joke about it then it dawned on me that I was the last one through the door ... I would love to know more about this figure out of interest.. if anyone can help please contact me at"

"I Know i`m only a child but when my Mum , Dad ,brother and I were walking passed the west stairs on the keep we saw a woman the same size as me. She was dressed in a massive reddish brown. When she had gone passed I asked my family if they had seen anyone but  they said that they had not.

bye thomas"

"I recently visited Dover Castle and took a tour of some of the underground tunnels including the Hospital. At one stage of that tour I found myself alone in a tunnel in the vicinity of the Hospital. It seemed to be a long tunnel which was apparently sealed off at the far end. I then saw a soldier at the end of that tunnel. He was of stocky build and was in full khaki uniform. I could not describe his face as the whole event was over in seconds. The soldier appeared to move from left to right across the end of the tunnel and then was gone.During this event I felt completely calm and had no sense of any malign spirits. 

I wonder who that soldier was and what his history was. Sadly I shall never find out! 


"About 2yrs ago I went on a tour of the castle with my family around the tunnels. Whilst we were near the underground hospital the guide was telling us about the history of the place. There was a metal door about 20 yards away I noticed it open and a man dressed in second world war uniform came out, he appeared to look in our direction the retreated back into the room he came from. I was looking at the others on the tour but no one else seemed to notice although we were all facing the door. I spoke to wife about it at the time but she said she saw nothing as did my children. I also had an episode later on top of the castle. On reaching the roof  I became very nauseas straight away and had to go back down the stairs, I later went back up and the same thing happened.

K Fraser



 I was looking for more info on Dover hauntings and found your site. I thought I would let you know what I felt there.

Last summer I visited the castle at Dover with a friend who was somewhat sceptical of Ghosts. I sensed ghosts pretty much all around the inside of the castle, but when we entered one of the Kings chambers I was taken back with such a most horrid feeling. It was in a small chamber which was within another one. I felt a strong male presence when I entered that chamber and also a feeling of torment, death and possible murder ( this is what I felt). The feeling was so strong that I couldn't bare to stay in that room at all. 

My friend, who was following behind me also felt something there and I was quite surprised that he did because he didn't really believe in hauntings. 

There was another very bad spot where I felt a strong presence, it was in the medieval tunnel and near a small interior window that looked back on another part of the tunnel. 

I am very sensitive and have had many ghostly experiences as a child. I have some of my experiences on my website.

I would be interested to know what happened in this chamber area that made it feel so dreadful.

My best, Jilaen"

"Many people have seen this "ghost" and the sightings can probably be put down to the projector which displays the image up on the wall at the end of a tunnel. Sorry to disappoint. 

P Wrigley - Dover"

"While visiting Dover Castle about 6 years ago with some friends, we went on a tour of the second world war tunnels and while crossing from one room to another, my self and my two friends saw a man dressed in army uniform cross the tunnel approx 40 feet from where we were standing, when we reached the point that the man had crossed, there was no doors. When the Living TV program "Most Haunted" was screened, it was mentioned of  the sighting of the man dressed in army uniform.
Andrew Samuel" 

David emailed Yourcounty from Nottingham with his account of a strange experience at Dover Castle

"Whilst on holiday in Kent in August 2000 we visited Dover Castle and went on a tour of the tunnels used in the second world war. In a tunnel where there is a large telephone exchange I saw a young woman in an old style nurses uniform staightening her clothes as if she was getting ready to go on duty, she didn't seem to be aware of the people who had just past the spot or of me [I was behind the main group as I was looking at the exchange because my Father worked at Ericksons in Nottingham that made them in the war]. Part of the tunnel complex was a wartime hospital, could she be the ghost of a nurse from then? It would be very interesting to find out if anyone else has seen her or if she was in my imagination."

David J H Nottingham.

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