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"I am a sceptic in these matters but having been metal detecting in and around Ightham I can say the place has a real atmosphere.


"One thing you should know about Igtham is that it is an 'ancient' place, one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in Kent, it has a long history, not all written."

"I too have seen a strange apparition in Ightham but mine was similar yet different. It was winter, a good few years ago now, at about 6pm, we ( a friend & myself) were just about to get to Ightham roundabout driving from the direction of Ightham village when a pair of legs walked across the road in front of the car, I don't know why but I just know they were mens legs, you could plainly see them in the headlights.

They were completely black, black trousers, shoes & socks and they were as real as could be. They just walked out of the hedge on the left & crossed the road towards the plant nursery on the right hand side, directly in front of the car.

If they had be real there is no doubt at all that we would have hit the person as they were practically touching the front bumper.

I turned to my friend and said 'did you just see what I saw?' and she automatically said that she did, she saw a pair of legs the same as I did. It was so strange, I knew it couldn't possibly be real yet we both know what we saw, without doubt.

I don't know if anyone else has had anything similar happen to them but it would be interesting to find out.

Thanks Kentish Lass"

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