Catherine Howard A Sighting At Hampton Court

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Why Hampton Court

Well although Hampton Court isn't in Kent we have received a couple of photographs from a lady called Maria who asked if we'd publish them here. With a buidling as old as this Palace and with such a turbulent history it would be a potential site for paranormal sightings. There are in fact several well known apparitions, the most well known is probably that of Catherine Howard.

Catherine Howard and The Haunted Gallery

Catherine Howard was the fifth wife of King Henry VIII and her manifestation in the palace is the reason why there is a 'Haunted Gallery' at the place today. There have been many reported sightings going back hundreds of years. In 1999 two guests at the palace, part of different tours, fainted on exactly the spot an hour apart in the Haunted Gallery.

"hi im sending you this photo from hampton court i was on my way home when i decided to walk to the gardens. i wanted to take a photo of the fountain but people were standing there so i turned my camera away and caught this/ the time and date are on the photo. Maria"

Hampton Court Ghost?

Hampton Court Ghost 2

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