Neil Arnold Comments On The Police And The Predators

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Meridian News reported on Wednesday 14th July of a serious attack on a sheep on land at Womenswold, near Aylesham. They claimed that over a period of two months over twenty sheep had been preyed upon by what they said was, “…a dog bigger than a Labrador”.

Investigating such cases for over thirteen years led me to believe that once again, the animal we were dealing with was in fact a large cat of some sort, either a Black Leopard or a Puma. However, even more peculiar was the fact that the police and the press seemed adamant that the animal was a dog, despite the wounds of the prey being consistent with a ‘big cat’. Whatever had attacked these sheep over the two months was silent, stalking, often nocturnal in its prowling, and obviously calculated enough to return time and time again to the area, to administer a throat bite to the easy prey.

Details of the attacks were vague, but a police officer said that the sheep had been examined by a vet and that DNA evidence would show what kind of dog they were looking for. This is a bizarre statement. Dogs, wild ones at that are pretty much non-existent in Kent, whilst any stray dogs will attack prey out of spite, not to bring it down and rasp the flesh clean. If a dog was to blame for the attacks then such a creature should be easy to find, it will not slink away at dusk, and most certainly leave one extreme mess of its victim.

Further investigations by myself drew an obstinate blank! I had been told to, “…look for exotic cats elsewhere” !. So, at the time of writing there is still no sign of this wonderfully elusive dog, a dog showing behaviour it seems unlike any other dog! However, I’m pretty sure that such a news feature will be resolved when a dog does finally show up! Or of course, marksmen will be sent to the area, destroy the real predator, and the story will dissolve into obscurity. Unfortunately, these kind of stories and cases never lie down, because these cats continue to prey upon sheep across the country, farmers and landowners should be compensated for these losses but all the while the authorities continue to laugh at reports of ‘big cats’, the mythology remains, and there is more chance of a large cat being hunted by trigger-happy lunatics, in turn creating a potential child-eating cat that has been made aggressive by its unnecessary wounds.

On Wednesday 16th, at 7:00 pm, at St. Margaret’s-at-Cliffe, near Dover, two Dexter cattle grazing the South Foreland Valley were mysteriously attacked by an unseen predator. One of the victims received scratch wounds to its flank whilst the other was attacked at the throat, flank and hind. The hallmarks of a cat attack.

A press release from the White Cliffs Countryside Project stated that, “…at the time there is uncertainty over whether the wounds are consistent with a dog attack or whether another animal was involved”.

The public, the police and other authorities need to understand what is going on as populations of exotic cats begin to explode across the country. Anyone who believes that such attacks were made by dogs are clearly bereft of intelligence but the main concern is that the authorities continue to deny, or at least remain blinded as to what is happening. A child could be next…not the fault of the roaming Black Leopard or the prowling Puma, but the worrying fact that as KENT BIG CAT RESEARCH receives reports at a record rate of exotic cats, the authorities are not willing to be advised on how to deal with such cases. Sending officers to these areas will not resolve a thing, and neither will covering up a situation either.

Admit these cats are there, accept them as a species, and then we can officially begin to monitor the species.


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