Is There Anything Odd About The Dog Sightings

Several sightings of large black dogs in the area around Leeds Castle, this is quite an open area and very popular with dog walkers and ramblers, there would be a lot of cover for any feral dogs. A 'ghostly Hound' would not need any cover of course!

More unusual phenomena in Kent linked from the Kent51 Archive - If have anything 'unexplained' you'd like to share please email us

"Dear sirs,

some breeds of dogs (Otterhounds) for example are as a big as a pony, the size of a dog isn't likely to be a 'strange but true' in itself.


"I've seen a big black dog on the Pilgrims Way above Charing, it's much bigger than any dog I've seen, and extremely wary of people it made a huge detour when we saw it, sent a chill up my spine. Eddie, Tenterden"

"The Black Dog has been sighted in the area around Eyhorne Street on several occasions by local dog walkers in the recent months. It's simply a feral dog, not a ghostly apparition, it's big but not a threat to people or pets, I'm sure somene must be feeding it."

I'd like to hear more from Terry regarding the Hollingbourne hound apparition. I've not previously heard of reports from around the rail link and would rather link sightings of black creatures to the abundant population of Black Leopards in Kent, however, if Terry knows otherwise please get in touch, dates and times would be a great help.


Neil Arnold

"Have You Heard Of The Black Dog?

I'm collecting general information but have a particular interested in first hand accounts. This ghostly hound has been written about by several different authors but there is a shortage of any verifyable recent evidence. I've been told that the hound has been strongly associated with 'bad luck', either to the beholder or as a precursor to some more general event.

GS Seymour"

"With relation to the Leeds Castle 'black dog' appeal, written by a GS
Seymour...this story has been regurgitated for many years and there's no recent reports of the creature. I personally believe that reports of phantom black dogs are very credible but nowadays less frequent, so tracking down eye-witnesses for first hand accounts is difficult. The main problem is, much of the information printed in local books is very much 'old hat' because authors are unable to find new material. The Leeds Castle black dog is nothing more than a folklore legend pertaining to a particular window bay in the castle where the creature appeared, but this hound is nothing like the 'real' ethereal hounds of lore which are lane prowlers. I will be self-publishing a book called MONSTERS OF KENT, to cover all Kentish black dog reports, but for now, many local 'creature' reports are mere regurgitation.

Neil Arnold"

"Try checking the archive of the local Maidstone rags. There were a couple of incidents linked to a "black dog" during the construction of the high speed rail link at Hollingbourne."


If have anything 'unexplained' you'd like to share please email us