Maidstone UFOs

Have You Seen Anything Strange Lately In The Skies Over Maidstone?

Increasing reports coming in of UFO's in the Maidstone area, some documented in the local press, some not. Have you seen anything? More unusual phenomena in Kent linked from the Kent51 Archive - If have anything 'unexplained' you'd like to share please e-mail us

01/09/15 "Hello there,
On 22nd August 2015 23:05 I saw four orange shimmery banana shaped  objects at the altitude of Cessna light aircraft speed over my garden and over the town centre heading North West.  They were so fast and moved like insects, it was the weirdest thing I have ever seen!

 I had a radio on and people were in gardens around mine as there was a heatwave.  Even so, if a helicopter or two flew over, everyone would hear it.

There was no wind, the sky was almost completely clear so I also rule out Chinese lanterns.  I doubt if they were geese, they were too fast and too big.

If you hear about anything flying over Maidstone in that time period, I would dearly love to know what they were.  It was scary!
Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

All the best

29/08/15 "Dear Yourcounty, I can't have been the only person to have seen the strange fast moving lights on Saturday night over Maidstone? Nothing in the local press, any ideas? Jon"


17/05/15 "It's OK to keep posting the comments but what about some possible explanations, we've been complaining about this for years.............. Steve"

07/07/14 "If possible can you tell me what the red helicopter is doing in the Maidstone area, the grapevine says it is connected to fracking, could this be true?"

09/06/14 "Dear Yourcounty, the bright light referred to on your page has nothing to do with the helicopter sightings, no one that has seen the oval light could think it was a helicopter. H Middleton"

09/06/14 "I think to refer to them as UFOs is misleading, my complaint is about the big helicopters over Bearstead 7 nights a week, if they were silent I wouldn't mind half so much. If you get any official comment please let me know."

06/02/14 "After reading what Carol wrote, myself and hubby have been seeing the same thing. We often comment on what it could be?
This has been in the sky since before Christmas and is there more often than not.

Thought I would share this.



20/01/14 "Driving into Maidstone this morning from Leeds, I saw a very bright slightly elongated light in the sky, it looked like it was hovering over the town centre, about 500mt above the Chequers Centre. No aircraft was visible and the light was still for a long time. J Green"

20/01/14 "I would like to share about what I saw this morning.  I was travelling home from Maidstone hospital after a night shift, and when I reached Dean Street I could see a bright light in the sky over Maidstone.  I have not seen a light like it before.  It seemed to be stationary, was much larger than an aircraft light, and it was just hanging in the sky. Weird!


20/06/03 " Can't be sure pop pickers, but the nighttime heli flights started about the same time as the much reported bright orange lights in the sky (if you've ever seen them they are not anything like the lanterns). They could I suppose be lights on helicopters but there isn't any noise when the lighte were around."

Maidstone UFO

20/06/13 "The helicopter thing is a complete red herring, UFO investigators have been coming to maidstone for the last ten years, it's now one of the UK's leading ET hotspots."

19/06/13 "There's a lot more going on over Maidstone than the odd night time chopper flight, I can't believe I'm the only one who has seen it and I'm amazed the local media hasn't made more of it. If you see anything put the pics on social media...."

18/07/12 "Are the low flying helicopters military? I don't there is any connection with little green men, it's a human intrusion not alien invasion. All the time since it's been happening I've never heard any official explanation. If the authorities don't make any comment I suppose all this madcap speculation is to be expected.

C S H "

"Can I also raise the issue of the nigh time helicopter flights around Leeds, only after dark! What the devil is it? Does anyone have any ideas? BT"

"Almost certainly what all of these people are reporting are Chinese lanterns.  There seems to be a fad currently for releasing these paper lanterns lit by candles during parties.


"What about these massive low flying helicopters?"


at 23:39 hrs on 2nd May 2009 over Maidstone, Kent, UK (clear sky & bright 1/3 moon) :

Near Penenden Heath, I saw a shooting star then a few seconds later a bright red light coming from the Town Centre direction. Distance was impossible to calculate, but appeared to be a few thousand feet? As the first one came closer, two more appeared from the same direction. While all three were in site, the first one dropped a small speck of light that travelled in a straight line to the ground ) disappearing behind houses etc). All three travelled the same flight path and despite being an irregular path kept perfect sync. Over the next 30 minutes 6 others also appeared on the same flight path.

None had flashing lights and unlike any civil or even military aircraft, whether they were coming towards you or going away, the light remained constant. No plane could move like they did (changing direction & stopping) and any plane and especially helicopter would be easily heard at that distance, yet they made no sound.

I am one of those who has always thought the idea of UFO's was a great idea, but never took it seriously. I am convinced that what I saw last night was not normal or easily explainable.

Kind regards,

Simon R."

"I'm much more concerned about the military aircraft in the area than UFOs. In recent weeks I've seen military helicopters and quite large military aircraft flying over Hollingbourne. Why?


"Following my earlier posting of having seen about a dozen large fast moving lights, I contacted SETI and was directed to a site called 'UFO Balloons'. It seems that one can buy large balloons for release and this may account for some sightings.  I am still not sure what I saw, though.

Mike,  Maidstone"

"Just walking home from Maidstone town centre to Barming and stopped to stare for several minutes at about 9 objects, fairly close, bright orange, glowing like flares but not getting any dimmer.

I could see various normal aircraft in the sky complete with the usual flashing lights, aviation lights ahead and following sound.

The orange objects made no sound at all, they all travelled in the same direction and all at some height, sometimes across clouds then into clear patches still with no lights at all.

They all into the distance appearing to come down in the distance.

All I could think of was flares but remaining the same brightness and orange instead of red plus not losing height and staying bright for several minutes while travelling silently across the sky.

Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

Didn’t look like your traditional flying saucers as no real definition to their shapes and travelling in a very steady line, no rapid movement or deflection etc.

I have no idea what they were."

Herewith copy of message sent to BBC - no reply ! Similar message sent to M o D. Will be interested in any other similar reports or resolution of what caused these "objects". 

Good evening Newsroom,

We were driving on the A249 from Maidstone to our home on the top of Detling Hill at approx 2340hrs when at top of hill by Kent County Showground we saw 4no orange objects travelling fast from the south west to north east appearing over the communication masts at Coldblow. Continuing home we saw more of these objects which continued until approx midnight - the total number of 19 being counted [after the first batch of 4no they came in twos and threes].

Coincidentally during this time NO civil flights came over the Detling A T Control Beacon [adjacent to the Showground], but resumed just after midnight.

These objects emitted a solid orange glow and did not have any flashing lights as per civil aircraft. Were these orange objects military craft, hot air balloons [not fast enough] or UFO's. Their was NO apparent noise from these objects. Have you had any other similar reports as we would like to know what these objects were ? Although we had been out for the evening neither of us had been drinking !

Wendy and Lyle"

"My partner and I on Sat @ about 9.30pm sat outside and noticed a red/orange what looked like a fireball on its own moving towards us, It was getting bigger so I ran indoors to get my telescope hoping to see the best view of it possible. I couldn't get focused on it in time as it stopped and moved to the left then it travelled up and faded away into the clouds. We both have never seen something so bright in the sky which is obviously not plane like as there where no flashing lights. Totally gobsmakced!

Neil, Maidstone"

"Is there a military airfield in the Maidstone area, in recent weeks we have seen a number of military style aircraft including an AWACs!


"I am so glad that others saw these strange lights last Saturday night! I was up in Chislehurst with a friend and my 8 year old daughter. We had just got home (it was midnight) and, looking south, we saw about a dozen lights, yellow, clear and unflickering, moving steaduily and quite fast from west to east in an irregular arc. They seemed to be 10000 to 15 000 feet up. They appeared to be self-powered.  

Mike, Maidstone"

"Driving home about 10 pm towards Maidstone town centre we sighted 8 balls of light in a diagonal line in the sky, they moved out of alignment and then faded after a few mins. UFOs or is there a logical explaination. Flares ? New type of firework? or some prankster taking crop circles to the next level."


"Whilst moving cars about at my Parents in Allington, late on Saturday 2/6, my wife & I saw some strange lights over Maidstone.  It looked like 5 or so 'stars' moving slowly across the sky from the SW?.  They were twinkling red, and Initially it looked a bit like a W or M constellation (I can't remember), but they got further apart, and eventually faded before they got overhead.   Would be interested to hear if anyone else saw anything that night.


If have anything 'unexplained' you'd like to share please email us