UFOs Over Thanet Or Just Chinese Lanterns?

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05/07/13 "stumbled across this stuff, doesn't help having the chinese lanters alongside actual ufo accounts, you might want to think about filtering out the nonesense if you want more contributions. if you check the records there was a widely reported sighting seen from Broadstairs, very high speed, seen by a number of people at different locations including the beach, itv was during the 2004 olympics, august I think, anyone else remeber this? jez the bread"

10/01/13 "Could someone who understands these things dig into this matter, this evening at around midnight there was a UFO of some kind flying from East to West over the sea in Broadstairs. It had several lights and was at a speed in excess of 100mph, it was seen by several people. IT WASN'T A CHINESE LANTERN OR OTHER SIMPLE THING. Charlotte, St Peter's"

"The Chinese lanters are quite distinctive, the electric type lights look quite different, I don't think the two could be mistaken. The ultra quiet helicopters sometimes have positional lights that don't flash!"

"There has been a huge increase in the use of Chinese Laterns, than can often be seen flying off over the sea in Thanet every spring and summer, could it have been this?"

"Around 1 am GMT on july 16 2006 i was looking at the plough constellation in the north and below it to the right was a permanent bright light moving westwards below the plough towards london. i have just asked a relative and he says all man made aircraft have to have lights that flash on and off. the light i spotted was permanently on and brigher than any lights i have seen on a plane. i hope someone else has seen this.

James in Margate."

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