Hauntings In Northfleet, Ghost Sightings In North Kent

Can anyone add anything to this personal account from Mark? We do have a number of one off accounts of phenomenon all across Kent, in their own way they are particularly interesting because the quality of stand alone accounts is quite different to serial sightings made over many years.

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"As a child I remember hearing stories about some empty 1930's style semi's that stood on the right hand side of Springhead Road heading in the A2 direction, near to the abandoned railway line that once served Gravesend West Street Station. The houses were boarded up and eventually (after 10 or more years) demolished to make way for the business park near to Sainsbury's.

I heard a story from a family friend's son as a child and then independently 15 years later from an old school friend. I thought it was nothing more than a story made up to scare me at first but became interested again after being reminded of it so many years later.

My recollection is not too clear and I have not carried out any research on names, dates or addresses but would be very interested if any one else has heard this story or knows anything about it.

I remember the houses being empty around about 1982-83 when I was at St. Josephs RCP at the top of Springhead Hill. We regularly drove past them on the way to my parent's friends who at the time lived near to Perry Street in Northfleet. On one occasion I asked why the houses were empty (although looking like quite nice houses albeit in need of a coat of paint).

Apparently the houses had been empty for some years even at that stage and the gardens were overgrown and ivy was covering much of the front which was also boarded up. Many families had lived in the houses since they were built but had been unable to settle in them. Some people had heard noises or been aware of some kind of unfriendly aura there.

Eventually it became impossible to find people prepared to live in the houses and after some time standing empty they were boarded up.

Mark Fuller"

If have anything 'unexplained' you'd like to share please email us content@yourcounty.co.uk.