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Can You Help Explain This Maidstone Event

Welcome to one of our Maidstone UFO features. We generally tend to leave our Kent51 pages in situ for several years, we've noticed that such phenomena can more easily be observed over several years rather than a few months. In the time we have been featuring unexplained phenomena from Kent user comments has been at the heart of the development of these pages. We welcome your thoughts if you have similar experiences or even if you can offer possible explanations. Our contact details are at the foot of the page.

Over the 15 years we've been collecting information Maidstone is definitely a UFO hot spot. We've seen few really unexplained events but large numbers of unaccountable helicopter sights, particularly at night.

"I can't help with the previous sighting seen from the Hastings Rd area in 2006 (it does sound a little like the Chinese Lantern phenomena) but I will share my own sighting. Seen from Hollingbourne looking towards Maidstone, 10.45pm on Saturday July the 6th. Three lights set in a triangular pattern, it wasn't possible to make out any craft but the lights could only have been set in some kind of craft. The lights could have been easily overlooked, but once spotted we followed the triangular pattern for about one and a half minutes its movements were very irratic but the altitude stayed at about 1,000 ft. I have seen reports of other UFOs in the Maidstone area, other than the Kits Coty sightings I haven't heard of any. I am also not able to corroberate the nightime helicopter flights. Jan"

Did Anyone Else See This?

"On 03/06/06 i was at a bbq in hastings rd, Maidstone, kent, when at about 1705 i glanced into the south east sky only to see a round white object that looked quite a distance away in the clear sky. it had another smaller white object just above and to the right slightly. at this point i called my friends over to explain what i was seeing. the small object then seemed to move diagonally across the path of the bigger one and come to rest just below it. at this stage we all stared to see a lot more of the smaller objects randomly scattered in the sky surrounding the large one. at a guess there must have been 12 to 15 of these smaller objects slowly appear. none seemed to move, they just faded in and with in 5 minutes they started to fade out again  leaving the large white object to slowly fade out by itself. the whole thing lasted for approx 15 min with 9 other witnesses. it was day light with a clear blue sky at the time.

matt p"

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