Unusual Sightings In And Around Walderslade In Medway

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01/04/14 "Dear Buster and all at Yourcounty, I have frequently seen the police helicopter over and abover the Chatham/Walderslade area no mystery there. There were night flights and other starnge stuff around the time of the Olympuics but it seems to have stopped now. C Walder"

02/06/13 - "Sirs, I want to ask a quick question, last night in Harbledown there was a low flying helicopter in the middle of the village at about 2.30am. I wasn't able to see it but it was incredibly loud, drowning out all other noises including the traffic from the nearby dual carriageway. I can only presume it has to be from some government/military function (who else would be allowed to fly in this manner in a built up area in the middle of the night). What could it possibly have been doing in little old Harbledown?"

06/01/13 - "Yourcounty,

Has there been any explanation to the UFOs in Walderslade, low flying helicopters, at night sometimes without lights? This is not just a simple night time helicopter fight.

Peter King"

31/07/12 - "Hi

I think I might be experiencing the phantom helicopter. It's been circling overhead, very close, for the last 25 minutes, with no signs of landing or moving on. From where I am, I would guess that it's directly over Tunbury Avenue and the surrounding roads, but not entirely sure. Very strange to be out at this time unless it's a police search.


31/07/12 - "Dear Yourcounty,

Can you tell me if there is a police helicopter landing and take off pad near Walderslade Woods, these night flights are happening all too often, both marked and unmarked, anything to do with the airport or olympic traffic?"

10/07/12 - "Dear Walderslade residents.

This has become a regular occurance in Walderslade, there are occasional helicopters, sometimes during the night and the evening police/media or private. What about the big low flying things? What, when, where, why? A link to more resources would be great.

Mrs Terry"

Can you help Phil with this helicopter mystery?

"On early Friday morning last we here in Orbit Close were awakened at 01:45 hrs by the sound of a very low flying helicopter hovering over our houses. It was some twenty feet above the tree level. There was a bright light shining. Our house was trembling with the vibration. All the trees were blowing in the down draught. It appeared to be trying to land on the plateau. (A stretch of open scrubland next to our house). It drifted off then returned briefly (not as close) and disappeared.

The next day I went to the press and Rochester airport. The traffic controller denied it was from that airport. At the reported level it was below the radar range so nothing was picked up. The police (as usual) denied everything; they claimed it was the air ambulance. The air ambulance fly between 07:00 and 19:00 hrs only (so they say). A special branch detective rang (the men in black?) said there was no trace of any aircraft around at that time. He did say that a workmate of his, who lives in Pennenden heath heard a helicopter flying around at that time. He stated that it was probably a rogue aircraft and an investigation is under way by the authorities. He said it was not the military and the relevant bodies have been advised.

The x files of it all is that it was flying so low to keep out of radar range. How then if it was so low did it avoid the pylons and masts over the top of the hill on route to or from Pennenden Heath?

They said that 70 foot is well below the radar range. This is below the height of the pylons and masts also.

It was downright scary and very dangerous. I thought that there was to be a crash.

Can you send this to your mailing list people to see if they remember anything or have any idea as to what it was?

One idea is that it was the new aerial police speed cameras catching speeding planes. It would not surprise me.

I only saw the light not the actual air craft.



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