Walderslade Woods - Haunted Woods in Kent

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Did the development of Walderslade Woods lead to any unusual phenomena? The wider issues raised here is that does damage to old waterland and rivers leade to unusual phenomena, can anyone suggest any other resources?

More unusual phenomena in Kent linked from the Kent51 Archive - If have anything 'unexplained' you'd like to share please email us content@yourcounty.co.uk.

14/04/14 "The scariest thing about Walderslade Woods is the wierdos that go down there with their dogs and funny hats...."

13/01/13 "Growing up in Walderslade going to the woods after dark was always a dare because it was such a strange place, I don't know anyone who would have stayed in the woods after dark. I remember stories of ancient graves being disturbed in the building down there in the early 1970s, not sure if these were kids tales or something more, does any local Medway historians know more?"

20/07/12 "The strange occurances in Walderslade Woods seem to be connected to the building projects down the years; early 1970's. I think the road building more than the house building, although exactly when the energy down there was disturbed is a matter of speculation. When ancient woodland is destroyed, old trees and watercourse/rivers disturbed you can see expect changes to the existing status quo."

"When we as kids played in the woods in Walderslade,[near Chatham],certain bits of the woods were quite odd,not so much scary ,but odd.you used to go down a big gravely hill past tunbury school heading towards the old water towers,or towards the ,what we called the motorway bridge,or meritts farm and all the area on you right hand side side had remnants of old buildings ,odd little huts ,all derelict,and some where on left hand side [i think] there was in the middle of nowhere on a little mound a toilet block,god knows what it was once attached to ,really weird.we used to also go camping say on afriday or saturday night,you know with a few sausages and pototoes to cook on the fire but we always avoided the bit bythe old swamp,cause local saying was strange happenings went on,ie crunching sticks in the middle of the night,big flints being trown through the trees,beechin bank and trotts field also were spooky always felt someone was following you,watchin you,this wasof course before all the building had started,other bits were fine ,but these spots were not quite right,proberbly never will be.


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