Wallabies In Kent

Wallaby And Kangaroo Sightings In Sussex And Kent

There have been several Wallaby sightings across the South of England in Kent and Sussex; the Ashdown Forest, Forest Row and Crowborough to name three. Isolated sighting occur from time to time as far east as the Canterbury area. It's a sure bet that there are Wallabies wild in Kent but it seems that they struggle to create sustainable groups. Many of the sightings are of individuals from small groups that don't seem able to survive for very long.

More unusual phenomena in Kent linked from the Kent51 Archive - If have anything 'unexplained' you'd like to share please email us content@yourcounty.co.uk.

Seen something out of the ordinary? We post the sightings in date order, the most recent at the top of the page.

28/05/14 "I can confirm a sighting of a Wallaby in the Chelwood Gate area of Crowborough, the small animal was seen at dusk and from a distance but their profile is so distinctive that it could have been nothing else (save a small kangaroo). Anon

17/12/13 "I have nothing new to add other than confirm fairly regular wallaby sightings in and around Crowborough, I would go as far as saying this is not unexplained, we know they are a few around, there must be sustainable groups breeding in the wild. Lee ST."

15/08/12 - "Hi! Just thought we would let you know that we have just seen a wallaby on the Isle of Sheppey - live and well hopping across the road in front of us!

The Olivers"

"Wallabies/small kanagroos have been seen for years on the Kent/Sussex border, IIRC one stopped traffic on the outskirts of Tonbridge about two years ago. Local media and a couple of lines in the Telegraph.

Ken from Wye"

"We have just returned from a holiday in the New Forest. On Tuesday evening at around ten o'clock I am almost certain the car headlights picked out a wallaby at the side of the road. This was on the Lymington to Brockenhurst road about half a mile from the station at Brockenhurst. Was I seeing things are is there a wallaby at large?!!!!

Path 20"

"I just saw a wallaby in my garden. It is 10pm and dark dusk - I was doing some 'hedgehog watching' and suddenly a wallaby appeared moved quickly up and down the garden and into the flower border and then came down to the pond to drink. The pond is near the window I was watching from - and so although is was quite dark - I managed to see it reasonably clearly.

I live at Kingston, which is ~4 miles south of Canterbury.

Marian "

"I worked for Surrey Police for a number of years.  There have been many reports of wallabies being seen in and around the commons of Woking, Surrey. Particularly the Horsell to Chobham Commons and along the Chobham Road, north of  Woking.  There was also a LION ! which used to be seen running on Chobham Common, until the butcher owner of the lion was told to stop exercising it there.  Llama sightings in the town of Woking were frequent, the owner lived there and they often got out of his garden.

John Dunn, presently retired in Ramsgate."

"I'd just like to follow up the sighting by 'Simon' of a possibly wallaby on the North Downs by saying that such reports have been pretty frequent over the last few years.

There were many sightings of such animals in the Ashford area a year or so ago as some of these animals were kept in pens which, during the storm of '87 were destroyed enabling various escapees. I'd like to hear from anyone else who has seen strange, out of place animals in the Kent countryside, you'd be surprised what's out there! Many thanks
Neil Arnold - KENT BIG CAT RESEARCH - neilthemod1@blueyonder.co.uk"

"On the 23rd March 2005,  Due to operation stack on the M20 and the A20 being solid I drove home via the roads that follow the top of the North Downs. Just past Steed Hill on Flint lane towards West Street I came across a large furry animal thing, about 4 foot high at the side of the road. It then proceeded to hop away like a Kangaroo. A Wallaby? Certainly too big for a large Hare!


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