What Is Yourcounty?

How Does It Work, What Does It Aspire To Achieve?

Yourcounty; the Kent website, has been meeting the information needs of the regional online audience since January 200o. We have hundreds of thousands of users viewing millions of pages. This is in addition to the thousands of subscribers to the Kent Review.

The concept behind Yourcounty is quite simple; to give our users something: entertaining, interesting and relevant every time they visit the site. Central to this philosophy is our ability to change the content based on the feedback from our audience.  

  • We don't have any other agenda other than the needs and wants of our users. We don't have a news service, retail outlet or other business which we want this website to support, we exist only as a website serving the needs of our audience. Our revenue is based on meeting our users needs not just our advertisers needs.

  • We listen to our users and follow their prompts, our content evolves based on what is most requested and most popular. We are not obliged to cover any subject or issue except those that our audience is interested in. Naturally enough we're not able to respond to individual likes and dislikes but when there is an audience trend we do react. 

  • The people involved in creating the Yourcounty concept are from Kent, live in the county and care about it. What happens in Kent matters to us. In this way we identify with our audience and share many common interests

  • Yourcounty represents the ideal of the independent local internet portal, a website from the county, for the county. We believe in what we're doing and we care about the issues that affect Kent.

We constantly review the website to get clear information about what works and what doesn't and we always welcome your feedback. Tell us what you want to see on the site and how you think Yourcounty can be improved.

Yourcounty is a commercial website, we generate revenue from advertising to pay the wages of staff and freelance fees for contributors. But the revenue ultimately comes from our audience and they are the customers of Yourcounty.