The Thirty Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Coral present suggestions for friends and family

Welcome to our coral gift page. Yourcounty has been running gift recommendations and present suggestions for many years. This page is a combination of our original content, modified by user and researcher feedback. We're happy to hear your thoughts about relevant presents, our contact details are at the bottom of the page.

The Thirty Fifth Celebration - Coral Presents From John Lewis

Follow this link for our gift directory. Coral is particularly valued as something precious because of it's relative scarcity and the beauty of its colours. We normally associate coral with a red hue, in fact there is a colour 'coral' in the palette. This red coral is now regarded as a gem because it is becoming so rare, it's rare because of overharvesting, a catch 22? In short coral is no longer regarded as an environmentally friendly gift. The trend in presents for the 35th commemoration is to focus on the colour rather than the marine animal. This means that presents require a little more innovation, but based on the feedback that we receive coral was a pretty hard gift to incorporate in a present for a male. Even the colour could be quite challenging, not many men over the age of 50 have a large number of coral coloured clothes in their wardrobe.

Coral Gift Recommendations

Using actual coral as the basis for your gift does present problems because there are a limited number of presents available and the worldwide depletion of stocks is quite a serious issue. To turn the whole thing on it's head, membership of or donation to a environmental charity helping to preserve sea life and natural environments might be a great gift for someone. How about a trip to a coral reef or an aquarium?

Some suggestions below, most links leads to the John Lewis website unless otherwise stated. A word of caution, coral is quite a particular colour and before you make a significant purchase you'd need to satisfy yourself that the person you're buying for would actually like the colour. These gifts are from John Lewis unless otherwise stated including John Lewis coral gifts for the woman that has everything? Prices start at around £30.Other suggestions:

Coral in substance or in colour; trollbeads, faceted bead necklaces, Cobra & Bellamy turquoise beaded pendants. You could also consider coral blouses and shirts, clothing is always a good choice if you know the recipient well enough to understand what they might like.

Other coral gift suggestions from the 35th selection could be a coral suitcaseor baggage set, coral bedding can coordinate with existing fixtures and fittings - it could make a nice gift. Coral Shoes might work if you know the color and style would suit the recipient.

If all else fails you can fall back on the numerical value of this anniversary. A present of 35 CDs, bottles of wine or anything else according to your taste and budget.

Generic Gifts

Coral gifts aren't the easiest to source, so sometimes a generic present may be needed for the 35th celebration. As unimaginative as they might seem gift vouchers can be the most useful of present stand bys, particularly if you are not certain what the recipients might like most. Champagne, chocolates and flowers can be used to supplement a gift or in fact be the main present in themselves.

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