40th Wedding Anniversary Presents

Suggestions For Ruby Presents

This is our fortieth present page. The Yourcounty gift pages were first published ten years ago, in that time they have evolved following user feedback and recommendations from our researchers. We welcome comments about anniversary gifts in general and ruby presents in particular, our contact details are at the bottom of the page. Follow this link for our main gift advice pages.

Ruby Gifts From John Lewis

The ruby wedding is one of the most important celebrations in a couple's married life. It is usually celebrated with a party or gathering where presents with a ruby theme are given. In common with the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries gifts are regarded as being commemorative as well as presents, gifts that can be kept and looked back on as reminders of the day (and the preceding forty years), so engraving may be one of the things to consider! If you're stuck for an idea you can always run a ruby search on Amazon.

Ruby Presents

Ruby rings and cuff links are often selected as a main anniversary gift but the cost of rubies is such that since that many alternative can be used, items of clothing, tableware and glassware, furnishings and much more. A few recommendations below, links terminate on the on the John Lewis websites unless otherwise stated.

John Lewis Ruby Presents

Jewellery - Ruby

The full range at John Lewis, prices start at about £30: Gemstone Stud Earrings, Ruby Pendant Necklace, Nina Breddal Stone Stud Earrings, Etrusca Ruby Zoisite Hammered 18ct Gold Bronze Bracelet and much more.


Ruby Men's Shirts

Hundreds of mens shirts in different shades of red including 'ruby'

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Presents - Ruby Men's Shirts

Ruby Watches From Debenhams

Literally hundreds of styles and prices, most models ruby in colour. Models for men and women prices start at under £10

Ruby Watches


Ruby Sofas

A plentiful supply or red furnishings, Sofa, chairs curtain and much more.

Ruby Sofas


A card is usually welcome for a major anniversary, particularly as the cards may be kept as a memento.



Flowers always help to make a day or event special.



Chocolates in a ruby red presentation case.


Gift Vouchers

Now sure what to get? Think about a gift voucher, it can be presented in a red envelope or greetings card.

Gift Vouchers

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