The 50th Wedding Anniversary

What gifts should you think about?

Golden wedding information, gift ideas and suggestions on this page. The 50th, is also known as the golden wedding anniversary, there is no modern alternative theme, suggested flowers are yellow roses and the Latin term is Semicentennial or Quinquagenary.

We've been publishing gift pages for many years and the 50th is one of the popular, it's still widely celebrated and seen as very important to many people. Follow these links for for our main gift page.

The 50th, the golden anniversary celebration

The 25th and 50th anniversaries are the two with the longest and most firmly established traditions. Not only is the golden token of great symbolic value but husbands have been giving wives such gifts for several hundred years. Today the precious metal gold and the colour gold are widely used for 50th anniversary gifts.Such is the importance of the golden commemoration that there is no suggested modern alternative. Gold has had an important role in human society for many thousands of years, its importance remains undiminished to this day, just think of the Olympic Games! If you want to search for some inspiration you can always search for something gold on Amazon.

The Best Golden Presents

What is the perfect gift? The answer lies in doing a little bit of research, finding out what the recipient(s) would really like and matching this to your own budget. And so, on to the suggestions, we have a few below with links to products at the John Lewis store. In addition you might like to think about: a gift voucher, if you want to keep to the tradition you could give it in a gold coloured card or golden envelope.

Golden jewellery from John Lewis, prices from £8

Golden Watch

A gold watch for a man or or woman is a very traditional way to mark the 50th, perhaps engraved as well. Current at John Lewis there are hundreds to choose from, prices start at under £30. Brands stocked include: Armani, Boccia, Bulova, Casio, Citizen, Frédérique Constant, Gucci, Michael Kors, Rotary, Seiko and many more.

Golden Watch

Golden Jewellery

There's over 700 items to choose from: Charms, Fashion Jewellery,
Fine Jewellery , Friendship Bracelets, Jewellery Making Kits, and Golden
Wedding Jeweller.

Golden Jewelery

Gold Beauty - Elizabeth Arden(from Debenhams)

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Capsules Set


Ceramide gold ultra restorative capsules


Ceramide gold caps refills

Gold Beauty - Elizabeth Arden

Tableware & Table Decorations

Planning a special meal? You might want golden tableware, placemats, table decorations, coasters and decorative glassware.

Gold Tableware

The number 50 can also be the basis for a golden anniversary present. For example; a wine of a 1950 vintage, gold branded items of perfumery, golden coloured items of clothing, sports memorabilia from 1950 or a financial gift to the factor of 50.


Golden Pen


Golden Wedding Anniversary Presents - Golden Belts


Gold Bag


Golden Shoes







Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

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