Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Every Occasion

At Yourcounty we have been publishing pages with present recommendations and suggestions for over a decade. Typically we feature links to our most popular anniversary pages and general gift advice below however we are currently updating our content. If you know someone who is celebrating a 60th, 65th or 70th wedding anniversary (and all others after this point) you can arrange for a telegram to be sent to them from the Queen by applying to Buckingham Palace. In our coverage below we include modern and traditional gifts as well as the gem (in some cases a precious metal), flowers and Latin terminology.

Landmark Celebrations

There are 12 so called landmark commemorations, these are traditionally the most celebrated,, full details of presents for all anniversaries featured further down the page. In reality the 60th, 65th and 70th and every successive anniversary are landmarks although they are relatively rare occurrences.

The Origins Of Anniversaries

The origins of these commemorative presents in Britain are medieval. Traditionally a husband would honour his wife with a silver token after 25 years of marriage and a gold present after 50 years. All the anniversaries of the wedding could be celebrated with a banquet or feast. There are varied traditions in different countries but the most common landmarks to be celebrated seem to be in multiples of five.

Over the last 600 years more presents have been added to the traditional list and a 'modern' list has been developed. There are however wide regional and national variations to the presents that can be given on any particular anniversary, and our list is just a guide for information purposes.

Modern Gift Alternatives

Some sources state that there were no traditional gifts for celebrations other than the; 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th and 75th until the American National Retail Jeweler Association formulated their own list in 1937. But there is some anecdotal evidence that there were traditions being made and broken before the 20th century. Today there is a present list and even a flower list for most occasions.

The Perfect Gift

What is the ideal gift for the; partner, relative, friend, husband, wife or couple in your life? Looking for some inspiration for a wedding anniversary surprise? It doesn't matter whether you're seeking a 1st, 10th, 20th or 50th present, the secret to a good gift is taking the time to get something the person really wants or would appreciate.

Traditional & Modern Present Ideas

The 'first' is traditionally celebrated with a paper gift, the modern equivalent is a clock or a timepiece and the flower associated with this landmark is a single carnation. The traditional present is something made out of paper, literally or symbolically. The modern equivalent is a clock or a watch or something connected with the passage of time. The flower to give is a carnation, possibly white. The Latin term is annual.

If you're looking for a present for the second commemoration, you might like to know that the traditional present is cotton, the modern equivalent is china and the flower most closely associated with the event is the lily of the valley. The typical way of celebrating the second anniversary is with a cotton gift, something for the home like an item of clothing or handkerchiefs. Today items of china are more common and these might be ornaments or crockery. The flower is Lily of the Valley. Biennial is the Latin term.

The traditional gift associated with the third is leather, modern gifts tend to be of crystal. For many years a popular leather leather gift to exchange were a purse and a wallet. Now shoes, belts and handbags are also given. Crystal gifts are usually glasses, ornaments or perhaps a vase. The flower if the sunflower and the Latin term Triennial.

A linen theme is the usual gift for the 'fourth', a modern alternative gift might be an electrical appliance. Linen gifts that could be given were typically table linen or bed linen. In The UK fruit was also seen as an appropriate gift. The modern option of electrical goods is usually centered around home and kitchen appliances, such as a food processor or a juicer. The Latin term is Quadrennial and the flower Hydrangea.

After five years of wedded bliss couples were traditionally given wooden themed presents, in more recent years silverware has also become popular. Wooden gifts could have a very regional flavour and might include anything from clogs to picture frames. In more affluent times items of furniture may be given. Silverware is the modern alternative and the traditional gift to a spouse could be an item of jewelry. Daisy is the flower and the Latin term is Quinquennial.

If you're looking for a present for the sixth, the traditional gift was supposed to be something iron, the modern equivalent is wood. There's a limited range of consumer durables in iron (it wasn't always the case). The modern equivalent is much more flexible offering a wide range of gift choices. If you get stuck the anniversary gem is an Amethyst. The Latin term is Sexennial and flower Calla.

After seven years a woollen present was traditionally given, desk sets the modern equivalent. Woolen gifts including gloves scarves and pullovers are the traditional present. Modern alternatives are desk sets - writing implements, pens and other writing accessories. The flower is Freesiaand the Latin term Septennial.

The present traditionally given after eight years of marriage was something made from bronze, often a statue or ornament or bronze coloured object. The modern gift of lace can be items of clothing, curtains or tablecloths. The Latin term is Octennial and the flower Lilac.

The ninth anniversary traditional gifts are described as 'pottery' and include all manner of crockery and china, some sources suggest that gifts should be copper. The flower is the exotic Bird of Paradise and the Latin term Novennial.

Tin or aluminium is the traditional theme after ten years, but most silver coloured metal is regarded as in keeping with 'tradition'. The modern alternative is a 'girl's best friend'. The flower is the daffodil and the Latin term Decennial.

Eleven years of marriage was not much celebrated but when gifts were exchanged more often than not they were of stainless steel, sometimes something as ambitious as a canteen of cutlery. The contemporary option is an item of jewellery. The Latin term for 11th is Undecennial.

Silk is the established 12th gift, items of clothing, scarves being particularly popular. The modern alternative is pearl. The anniversary flower is Peony and it's known in Latin as the Duodecennial.

Lace clothing, lace tableware and even bedspreads can be given for this occasion. Textile is the flexible modern alternative. The Latin for 13th is Tredecennial and the flower is Chrysanthemum.

The traditional gift using actual ivory gift is thankfully almost extinct, hopefully the elephants won't be! For traditionalists the colour ivory can be used or to be innovative a charitable donation to a wildlife charity. Gold jewellery always a good stand by. The flower is Dahlia and Quattuordecennia is the Latin term for fourteenth.

Crystal glasses, ornaments and pendent are amongst the present ideas associated with the 15th. Wristwatches and pocket watches the contemporary option. The Latin is Quindecennial and the anniversary flower is the Rose.

After the first fifteenth only landmark anniversaries have traditional presents associated with them. The landmarks are those multiples of five (20, 25, 30 and so on....)

16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Topaz

Typically it's hard to see past jewellery for topaz gifts which leaves a pretty limited choice, particularly for men. Thinking outside of this traditional limitation you can think about the colour for crockery or bed linen .

17h Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Amethyst

Amethyst gifts tend to be based on stone from semi-precious quartz, violet in colour. It's particularly suitable for someone with a birthday in February as it is the birthstone for that month.

18th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Garnet

Garnets have been used since as gemstones since the Bronze Age. It is also the birthstone for January.

19th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is in fact a blue or turquoise variety of beryl. Keeping with the traditional present for the 19th anniversary usually means basing a gift on the colour aquamarine.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Traditional - China
Modern - Flower
Flower - Aster

The 20th wedding anniversary is widely celebrated with china/crockery, perhaps it's about this time that most couples would welcome a new dinner service? The Romans called this anniversary the Vigintennial or Vicennial and the flower associated with the event is the Aster.

21st Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Brass

Brass presents a number of excellent gift opportunities. The metal is in fact an alloy made of copper and zinc.

22nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Copper


23rd wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Silver Plate

24th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Music

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Traditional - Silver
Flower - Iris

The Quadranscentennial is the Silver Wedding Anniversary, one of the most important of all. Traditionally celebrated with a party or dinner, gifts usually a silver theme, there is a modern trend to give travel tickets or take a holiday.

26th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Original Painting

27th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Sculpture

28th wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Orchids

29th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Furniture



30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Pearl
Flower - Lily

When celebrated, this anniversary is strongly associated with pearls. If flowers are given they should be Lilies.

31st Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Watch

32nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Car


33rd wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Amethyst

34th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Opal

35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Traditional - Coral

Coral, rather like ivory presents certain problems and so traditionalist can fall back on coral related or coral coloured gifts; perhaps a sub aqua adventure for the more ambitious.

36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Bone China

37th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Alabaster

38th wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Beryl

39th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Lace

40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Traditional - Ruby
Flower - Gladiolus

41st Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Land

42nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Property

43rd wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Travel

44th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Shopping

45th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Traditional - Sapphire


46th Wedding Anniversar Gifts

Modern - Poetry


47th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Modern - Books


48th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Modern - Lenses

49th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Modern - Luxury Items

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Traditional - Gold
Flower - Yellow roses, violets

Semicentennial or Quinquagenary in Latin.

55th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Traditional - Emerald

60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Traditional - Diamond

Called Sexagennial or Sexagenary by the Romans

70th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Traditional - Platinum

75th Wedding Anniversar Gifts
Traditional - Diamond