5th Wedding Anniversary

Buying Wooden Presents For Friends And Family

Fifth wedding presents on this page, follow this link for our main gift page. The traditional 5th gift is wood, the modern alternative is silver and silverware. Daisy is the flower and the Latin term is Quinquennial. The fifth is the first big landmark after the after the first, it's regarded as being a significant landmark, particularly in the modern age where marriage as a lifelong commitment seems to have a declining importance for some people. At one time this event would pass by unnoticed but it seems that it's celebration gained some strength in the second half of the 20th century.

The Perfect Present

The origins of wedding commemoration presents in Britain are medieval. Traditionally a husband would honour his wife with a silver token after 25 years of marriage and a gold present after 50 years. Wood is one of the most traditional of gifts, its use as a theme for an present is very long standing. Most of the important landmarks are in multiples of 5 years so perhaps the fifth anniversary is the first 'big one' and worthy of making a particular effort to mark in some way. The wood theme can be broadly interpreted and includes wood effect and wood related objects as well items actually made from wood. For example a donation to a good cause protecting the Rain Forest or a musical instrument made from wood. The modern alternative to wood is silver can also been liberally interpreted.

Wooden Gifts

This wooden and silver present suggestions link to the relevant John Lewis page (never knowingly undersold). If you're not impressed by our suggestions here, you can try a 'wooden gift' search on Amazon. Follow this link if you're looking for a wide selection of wooden furniture from John Lewis. If you're going to stick with traditional gifts you might want to consider wooden photo frames, John Lewis has over 30 in a range of styles, prices from an amazing £5.50 to over £40. Wooden Furnitureallows something for almost every budget from simple patio and garden furniture, wooden shelving, sideboards, chairs and dining tables, loft cabinets and room dividers. A more ambitious present might be seen as a sheds or a summer house, the John Lewis range includes National Trust by Crane Peckover FSC Garden Shed. The colour is Disraeli Green and the size 1.8 by 2.4m

Need a little more inspiration? Have you thought about a wood effect DAB radio and hi-fi equipment. Wooden ornaments or possible even shoes. You can always fall back on gift experiences like the Red Letter Days Afternoon Tea For Two, Red Letter Days Rural Escape For 2, Red Letter Days Perfect Adventure Seeker, Red Letter Days Perfect For Couples, Red Letter Days John Lewis Shopping Experience and Smartbox Charming Getaways for 2. Not all with a connection to wood but great fun.

Silver The Modern Alternative

Silver is the 5th modern alternative. Almost anything in silver is acceptable, jewellery and silver ornaments being leading 5th anniversary gifts. Literally hundreds of beautiful and original present ideas on the John Lewis website including: Diamond Jubilee Photograph Frames, Noah's Ark Money Box, Tales from the Earth St. Christopher Necklace. More 'hot' silver gifts,Vera Wang for Wedgwood Grosgrain Decorative Accessories, Culinary Concepts Cartridge Silver Plated Gifts and Kate Spade Gardner Street Decorative Accessories. If you'd like to take a different view on the subject you might like to consider silver plate barware or table decorations. Perhaps you'd like to plant a tree or make a donation to a tree related charity, the kind of project you may have seen detailed in the 'Good Gifts' catalogue.

Not withstanding any gifts you buy you might also like to think about a card, flowers (daisy is the traditional bloom for the fifth). Chocolates and gift vouchers are also generally well received.

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