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We aim to highlight specific Berghaus sale items on this page as well as publishing more general information about their rucksack product range. They are one of the best known of the UK manufacturers and retailers of outdoor clothing and equipment including: waterproof jackets, fleeces and other clothing. They are also equally well known for their wide range of high quality outdoor accessories and footwear.

Berghause are well known for their use and integration of material and fabric technology into their produce ranges. Currently you'll find products making use of; D.W.R., Advanced Thermals, Argentium, GORE-TEX® and Polartec materials to name but a few. At Yourcounty we have been been running outdoor gear features for almost ten years, currently we're overhauling our Berghaus pages in general. This; our rucksack page is one of the few we have online pending the completion of our development work. Over the last decade our content has been changed with the help of feedback from our users and researchers, we welcome your comments, please check out our contact details below.

And so onto the bargains and special offers. We're not publishing specific special offer while the Berghaus pages are in development. In terms of some general advice and help with the rucksack range; read on. Seen its entirety you need to think of it in terms of three unequal parts. Firstly there are Berghaus Packs (Extreme, Day Packs as well as Rucksacks). Berghaus Luggage (Wheeled Luggage, Travel Packs and Business Luggage), Berghaus Kit Bags ( Large, from 40 liters, through 50 litres, 60 liters, 70 liters up to 80 liters as well as large wheeled bags).

Berghaus Packs

Extreme Packs tend to be high spec rucksacks designed to function in the most challenging condition, high elevations with extreme conditions,. They typically integrate features like axe holsters, and emergency whistles. Current models include the Expedition 80 Rucksack II, and the men and women's Caldera 35. The Expedition price is up to £140 any price around £100 represents exceptional value the RRP of the Caldera 35 is usually the the same for the male or female versions and typically about £30 cheaper than the Expedition.

The Day Sack range is much larger than the extreme, it includes popular and best selling products like the Twentyfourseven 10 Day Sack, the F-Light 20 Day Sack the Leviathan as well as the Munro Day Sack. prices start as £20 and these products have the benefits of being lightweight and versatile.

We typically think of rucksacks as large carriers normally with a minim capacity of 40 liters. Berghaus is one of the UK market leaders is this field and the wide number of models include the Mens BIOFLEX® and Women's BIOFLEX® ranges, Torridon Rucksacks, Verden products and the military style Atlas II and Vulcan II. Prices are in the £80 to £200 range, their are bargains to be found but you'll need to shop around. We'll be featuring more details here later but as a starting guide target a price around 50% of the RRP and work from there.

We publish a range of outdoor clothing pages but if you're looking for sales and clearance bargains beyond; outdoor clothing, boots and rucksacks, we feature 20 other major online retail Sales.

Rucksack Sale & Clearance

Berghaus is a UK company that has been designing, manufacturing and retailing outdoor clothing and equipment including rucksacks since the mid 1960s. The ethos of Yourcounty is to feature goods and services that we ourselves are happy to recommend. The purpose of this page is to present great savings on great products and in our opinion most Berghaus rucksacks fit this description, particularly if you can get a little extra value through a sale or clearance.

Current Sale Items

Rucksack sale and clearance bargains are frequently updated, the best offers tend to go very quickly and new items come online regularly.

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If you'd like to let us know about sales and price reductions you think our users might be interested in, send your suggestions to Our retail pages are checked regularly but if you find that any links are broken or content out of date let us know.This is a page under constant improvement.

Please refer to our disclaimer, some offers are limited and terms and conditions may apply. Price reduction shown may be sale price, reduced web price or alternative offer.

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Can I 'big up' the Prognosis Tech Walking Shoe, as a woman who walks a lot, a light shoe that provides support is invaluable to me this is about the best walking product I've purchased over the last could of years, it's much lighter than it looks. Did you know that there now is a branch of Simply Hike in Faversham?


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Some supplementary information concerningthe shop in Faversham, you might find it listed under Simply Scuba, the address is 5 Jubilee Way, Eurocentre, Faversham, ME13 8GD.

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"Berghaus are no longer an 'elite' brand, take a look around the outdoor clothing retailers in a place like Bluewater add you'll see it is now in the mid range. Cat"

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Please, please, please let people know that the Twentyfourseven 25 Day Sack (sometimes known as the 24/7b Sack) has changed. If you're a long standing user of this bag and are thinking of changing for a new one you may be surprised at some of the recent changes. Check out the Berghaus website for full details and pictures. The price is still as competitive as ever but the quality seems inferior compared on a like for like basis. Tam".