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Advice On The BT Recruitment Process

We've been publishing British Telecom career help and advice for many years but this is the first time we've set up some specific information for a particular career path with the company. As always we welcome feedback from anyone who has experience of working in a BT call centre or wants to share some information about the application process. These links for our main BT page or more employers and Kent based opportunities.

BT Call Centre Work

You'll need to be quick to pick up a BT call centre vacancy, they tend to be advertised for short periods and vacancies are filled fast. Opportunities are advertised using different vehicles including online and jobcentre channels. The recruitment process seems to be handled by Manpower.

There are a number of different roles but our feedback here refers to an incoming sales based jobs. At the time of writing the rates of pay were £7.25 per hour, with potential for increased commission when full trained. (training can take several weeks).

At the outset there may be ceratin restriction of when annual holiday can be taken and the length of contract that may be offered.

Application Help

We had some feedback from a user who has completed the online application for BT Call Centre work. The comments come from November 2012 and are published to give anyone who might by thinking of making an application to BT an insight into what to expect.

"After a simple CV submission to Manpower I received a call back checking my details and making an offer of a telephone interview. The interview was heavily scripted so I tried to give classic answers. The questions were based on my career to date and general approach/attitude to work and callcentres. The interview answers were checked and I passed to the next stage of the process, two online assessment forms, the links for which were emailed to me.

"The first test required some simple analysis of data, there seemed barely enough time to complete the test and I spent too long on the first few questions and never caught up. You'll need to go for it from the start. The second test was more closely related to matching two particular words following a set example. There was enough time to complete this test but it was a little abstract. If I did these tests again I'd do a little research first before starting! :-("

About The BT Group

BT is a global telecommunications company with a current workforce of about 90,000 full time and part-time employees. The company is structured into six operational units that reflect that business activities of the group.

BT Callcentre Jobs - Feedback & Disclaimer

This is a page under constant improvement so if you find any links broken or content out of date let us know.We're also keen to have your feedback about working for BT and their recruitment process at every level; even if your own application didn't work out. We take care over our content but we're happy to correct any factual errors, please see our disclaimer.

Your Comments

"As a honours graduate I thought I'd sail through a call centre test, unfortunately not. There wasn't time to orient oneself to the questions, it was quite frustrating, almost as soon as I'd worked out what to do the time was starting to run out. It's not a hard test but you need to hit the ground running and a little research first would be really useful. Peter from Deal"

"Dear Yourcounty, I have the same experience as Peter from Deal, it is not a hard test but you have to really go at it. I have a friend who works in recruitment who said that the pass mark of the test depends on how pressing their need for staff is, don't know if this is true or not. D McNulty"

"I think they must have dumbed down the test test because I sailed through it, despite reading the comments on your website, I would encourage everyone to take the test, it is pretty easy. C B Hove"