2014 Christmas Jobs In London

Welcome to the Yourcounty seasonal work in London feature, it has been created in response to requests and hints from our users. For several years we have been publishing Xmas vacancies in Kent and more recently Christmas jobs in Bromley. This London page takes its inspiration from the original Kent page but features more London Christmas jobs and links to employers based in and around central and greater London.

Seasonal Jobs In London

The big push for seasonal work begins in September, gains real momentum in the autumn and continues through to the start of December. It might not surprise you to know that around three quarters of retail businesses expect to recruit extra staff this Christmas (British Retail Consortium).

This link for employers in London, it holds listings of some of the big employers in London although it doesn't have a particularly seasonal emphasis.

The employers and subsequent vacancies we link to here should be viewed as just a starting point, with large employers you generally have to get your application submitted as early as possible and follow the relevant formal recruitment process. Small independent companies also recruit seasonal staff from October through to December.

London is uniquely placed for temporary Christmas work, its economy has a massive boost from October through to the end of January. Consider that many stores expect to generate as much revenue in January as in the December Christmas rush. Many Christmas vacancies are able to offer flexible working routines like weekend work, nights as well as bank shifts and flexible hours.

Take a look at any London Borough; theatres, cinemas, restaurants, pubs, clubs, shops, taxi firms will all need extra staff. It's not possible to list all possible vacancies on one site so we feature only the largest employers of seasonal staff below to get you started.

Wages for casual work can vary significantly particularly in big cities, you'll need to factor in all the benefits of any job, at Christmas in particular tips can significantly increase the wages of restaurant staff.

Don't underestimate the importance of CV and interview presentation for Christmas staff, the best vacancies will attract a stiff level of competition, your CV or application should paint you in the best possible light. Some of the employers seeking temporary or seasonal staff for 2013 will include:

  • Argos - Are one of the big recruiters of seasonal workers across London. They generally have in excess of 3,000 Christmas jobs to fill spread evenly across the UK.
  • Asda - Precise figures will be released in the autumn but you can expect this retailer to take on thousands of extra people this year. Most jobs will be in store with some distribution opportunities. The Christmas seasonal staff recruitment normally expect an eight week commitment from applicants. A significant number of Asda's graduate recruits have previously worked on a seasonal basis.
  • Boots - Follow this link for more details of Boots seasonal recruitment needs. You need to think about making your application as soon as announcements are made, typically in September or the beginning of October
  • Civil Service Jobs - A pretty lean time for temporary jobs in the public sector generally and the civil service opportunity in particular. There are however always some seasonal opportunities but there are fewer than at any other time we remember since we first published our job pages in 2000.
  • Compass are a big employer of hospitality staff, both permanent and casual. More details at the website.
  • Debenhams - Typically this department store will recruit 1,000 to 1,200 extra staff at Christmas, depending on the state of the economy and general operational needs. They are amongst the first of the seasonal jobs that become advertised. If you check the Debenhams website you'll find Christmas jobs advertised from August onwards, more vacancies will be published all the way through to December.
  • Dominos Pizza - Generally increase their staff numbers in the season of goodwill. Almost all vacancies can be reached through the online recruitment portal. Get a well presented form in to them as soon as possible.
  • Christmas jobs in London can be found at Gumtree. Seasonal vacancies start to published from August onwards. There are T&Cs for publishing jobs on the site, you also need to follow the sites own advice for responding to postings.
  • Iceland - Another of the retailers that relies on a significant increase in the staff numbers to cope with the Christmas rush.
  • John Lewis - Has been a recruiter of temporary seasonal staff for many years and they are a highly regarded employer, you'll to make a formal application as soon as jobs are advertised. You can check out their website from September onwards.
  • Marks and Spencer - Part time and full time jobs over Christmas are available, wages comparable with other high street retailers but terms and conditions are regarded as being amongst the best on a like for like basis.
  • Matalan - This high street retailer is able to provide temporary work in the winter across many towns in the UK. If you fancy a long term career you might like to know that Matalan love to promote from within, 2011r saw 300 internal promotions in the company!

  • Morrisons - In common with all of the UK major supermarket chains Morrisons run Christmas recruitment alongside permanent vacancies.
  • Next - Interested in fashion and need some extra cash at Christmas? Most Next stores take on seasonal staff in November and December.
  • O2 - High street work at Christmas and beyond, a successful period under a temporary contract plus a background in phone or technology sales would be a distinct advantage in seeking a full time job.
  • Pizza Express - A well known national chain producing brilliant pizza and trattoria style food. There's a branch in most large towns and cities in the region. There are a particularly popular venue for Christmas dinners and outings and they usually feature several seasonal 'Natale' specials on the menu. Many temporary jobs tend to be on the front line; - waiters, waitresses, chefs and cleaners. They have a pretty good recruitment website with lots of relevant information. Apply as soon as the vacancies appear for the best chance of success.
  • Post Office - Thousand of extra extra short term staff being staff being recruited in 2013.
  • Primark - Temporary and short term contracts available for candidates with the relevant skills and experience.
  • Royal Mail - In 2013 there are expected to be in excess of 17,000 Christmas vacancies about the same number as the previous year. There is typically a 100% increase in the workload. Online selections tests usually used as part of the selection process.
  • Sainsburys - In 2012 there were around 15,000 extra staff employed at Christmas, it is expected that there will be an even greater number of opportunities in 2013.
  • Sports Direct - One of the leading retailers of sports equipment and leisure clothing in the UK. They generally recruit extra staff for Christmas as local stores.
  • Starbucks have an excellent recruitment website where they feature permanent and temporary seasonal vacancies. You will also find general recruitment help, including terms and conditions of employment. If you have a successful period on a seasonal or temporary you'll greatly increase your chances of being taken on as a full time employee, graduate recruit or even apprenticeship.
  • Tesco - One of Europe's biggest employers run a significant recruitment campaign at the end of the summer for its seasonal Christmas staff. Opportunities start to be published at the beginning of September.
  • Toys R Us - Up to 3,000 seasonal vacancies across the country, stores tend to be situated in retail parks in larger towns and cities.
  • Waitrose - A limited number of in-store opportunities each Christmas, these temporary contracts are regarded by many as being a great way of getting a good reference for a permanent position.
  • Wetherspoon - The seasonal recruitment drive starts in October and continues all the way through to December. Vacancies may be part time and full time and are available across London.

London Christmas Jobs - Feedback & Disclaimer

The objective of this page is to suggest some of the seasonal employers offering Christmas work and temporary contracts in London. We maintain this page regularly and the content should be relevant and up to date, if it is not please let us know. so we welcome your feedback. If you have experience of working for any of the employers featured on this page or if you'd like to recommend an employer for inclusion here we'd welcome an email from you. As you might imagine we cannot take responsibility for external websites and we invite you to take a look at our disclaimer.