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Welcome to our civil service jobs feature. Its aim is to provide help and resources for anyone considering a career in the civil service and add value by using our own knowledge and experience to share relevant user feedback. If you've worked for the civil service or have experience of it's recruitment process we'd welcome your comments.

Kent is a commuting county, workers have access to all the employers in London as well those civil service jobs available within its own boundaries. This link for hundreds of Kent employers on the Kent jobs page.

Careers In The UK Civil Service

The UK Civil Service employs hundreds of thousands of people in literally thousands of different jobs spread over 150 departments. The work underpins every aspect of our society, it's essential and important work. In then current economic climate public spending is being monitored very closely and the public sector is facing new challenges alongside some of its traditional tasks. However the government employs so many people that there are always some vacancies for appropriately qualified and experienced individuals.

Civil Service Recruitment

If you are looking for a Civil Service vacancy try one of these three portals in the first instance.

The Recruitment Gateway - This website will give you an overview of working in the Civil Service as well as details of current job opportunities across the UK. The website has recently been improved and includes features like Job Alerts and Jobs In Europe as well as regional position. The website is divided between public job seekers and existing civil servants.

Fast Stream - Is a Leadership Programme (what we used to call a Graduate Development Scheme in the old days). It's a fast track designed to cultivate the potential of exceptional employees to a point where they can make a full contribution.

The European Fast Stream - The European Fast Stream (EFS) website is an indispensable port of call for anyone wanting to join the European Civil Service and build a long term career for one of its institutions. To take part in the scheme you will have to meet it's requirements. European language skills are a must (typically French and German to A level).

Undergraduate Jobs

The Civil Service is one of the largest employers in the UK, and therefore has a variety of career opportunities both here and overseas. You can gain experience/placements before graduating through sandwich courses, vacation visits, and work experience

Graduate Jobs

Whichever department you join, you'll be helping to make a real difference to people's lives on all kinds of levels.

Some government departments offer their own graduate recruitment schemes, such as HM Revenue & Customs, Defence Engineering and Science Group, HM Treasury and Highways Agency.

There are a number of specific schemes open to new and experienced graduates looking for a career change. If you're successful, you could be posted to a number of government departments.

More Resources

We've published some links to some civil service departments below, this will allow job seekers to gain more information about the scope of the work undertaken in the civil service and find different channels to identify current and potential job opportunities.

  • Government Actuary's Department - Offer a bespoke actuarial analysis service to the public sector in the UK and farther afield.
  • Government Economic Service - the GES fast stream service - round 2 will open from 04/03/13 and closes on 08/04/13. They are looking to offer 180 economists jobs in 2013.
  • Government Finance Service - Provides coordination for the UK's finance professionals working in government.
  • Government Legal Service - The GLS is headed by the Treasury Solicitor, the role of the organisation is to provide a cohesive network for all the lawyers working in government.
  • Government Social Research service.
  • Government Statistical Service. - Their prime responsibility is to; compile, analyze and publish the full range of social and economic data.
  • Government Operational Research Service - Champions of operational research across the whole of government, pulling together the 400 analysts directly engaged in research.
  • Ministry of Defence - Over ten thousand people work for the MOD in a civilian capacity in a very wide range of roles. Policy advisors, procurement and maintenance of equipment, instructors, vets, webmasters to name a few.

Civil Service Jobs Feedback & Disclaimer

We aspire to keep our civil service job page up to date and relevant and although our content is checked regularly things do change. Please let us know is there are any alterations or improvements we can make to this feature. We are particularly interested in hearing the feedback of people working in the civil service at whatever level.

We would also like to hear from you if you would like to suggest other relevant resources or websites that would help people looking for employment in the UK public sector. We take care over our content but we're happy to correct any factual errors, please see our disclaimer.

User Comment

"Dear Yourcounty, The MOD can still offer great careers for civillians but there isn't the same job security as rthere was when I satarted 30 years ago. Once you were recruited by the MOD your could expect a job for life, that scenario is at an end, plan a career in the Civil Service but expect change otherwise yoy are likely to be disillusioned in the future. B Perrett"