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Welcome to the Yourcounty NHS jobs in Kent page. We've been publishing local opportunities in the health sector for well over a decade. In that time we've followed prompts from our researchers and feedback from our audience. In this spirit we welcome your comments if you have experience of the NHS or their recruitment process here in Kent. Our contact details are at the bottom of the page.

NHS job related information and recruitment details on this page. consider that Kent is the biggest county in England and the NHS in Kent employs tens of thousands of people. If you are looking for the NHS jobs gateway please note that http://www.nhs.co.uk/jobs no longer exists. The main NHS recruitment website can be found at: http://www.jobs.nhs.uk/. More specific NHS job links and NHS vacancy information can be found on this page. For local (Kent based) NHS jobs try our own Kent NHS jobs feature.


There are thousands of NHS jobs listed from around the country online at www.jobs.nhs.uk. The salary range starts at minimum national wage rates and extends into six figure salaries for senior NHS jobs. NHS local vacancies reflect the diversity of occupations within the Health Service and include; medical, managerial, technical, support and administrative jobs.

This website now receives more than 7 million hits a month and attracts a quarter of a million job applications every month. Here you will find the majority of current NHS jobs, as well as contact details of all of the leading employers (primarily the Trusts).

In hard figures you can expect 20,000 NHS job opportunities every month. As you might imagine these vacancies are spread across England and Wales and for every occupational level in the National Health Service. None the less it means there are hundreds of new jobs every month in almost every county in England (up to 500 in Kent).

The website is delivered by contractors/partners but NHS Employers are ultimately responsible for its content. NHS Employers is the organisation that acts as a representative body of the NHS on issues like; employment policy and best practise, pay and wage settlements, health & safety in the workplace. The NHS offers something like 300 varied and challenging occupations in the NHS. The NHS Jobs website covers vacancies in both England and Wales many web pages and some relevant (usually located in Wales) job advertisements can be viewed in the English and Welsh languages. are also available in Welsh. Where this language alternative is available they will normally be a 'Cymraeg' link at the top of the page.

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NHS Professionals

NHS Professionals provide a website offering a unique and innovative approach to flexible employment solutions in the health service. NHS Professionals maintain a huge database (50,000 at the last count) of qualified and experienced professionals waiting to take up a wide range of contracts made available by trusts in the England and Wales. Roles that potential employees can register for include:

  • Nurses
    • Long Term Nursing Assignments,
    • Trainee Nurses and nurses returning to work after a career break
  • Doctors
    • Short term, long term or simply extra weekend work.
  • Clerical And Administration Staff
    • Medical and Non Medical Secretaries
    • PA
    • Office & Patient Service Staff
    • HR & Payroll Staff
    • PR and PALS
    • Business Admin and Special/One Off Projects

For more details visit the NHS Professionals websites at www.nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk/Pages/home.aspx.

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"The last word to David Prior

The NHS often “delights” in the “ritual humiliation” of those who are deemed to have failed"

"Spot on about the bullying. "

"The bullying is horrible, as I'm concerned it is completely out of hannd, the level of sickness also. I've worked in departments where more than half the staff were off sick at the same time."

"I can't believe no one has mentioned the bullying. In the Trust where I worked almost everyone had experienced it or knew someone that had, over the years it has become more sophisticated and widspread. I was told that one in six people working in the NHS complains of being bullied..........."

"Having worked in the private sector and the NHS my opinion is that the terms and conditions offered by the NHS are generally superior to the private sector. "