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This is our Jobcentre page, the resource has been running for over a decade. In that time Jobcentres have changed a lot as have their online services. We've kept abreast of these changes thanks to the work of our researchers and feedback from our users. If you're a user of the Jobcentre we're always happy to receive your comments. It is important to remember that the jobcentre is there to help everyone looking for a job

The aim of this page is to summerise the main services currently offered, provide a little added value, highlighted related resources and give examples of the kind of jobs currently being offered. If you have any first hand experience you'd like to add we'd be happy to hear from you.

Whilst finding a job and accessing the Universal jobsmatch service is amongst the most important services offered by the DWP it is just one of many issues they can help with or provide information about.

Help Advice And Information Available

You can find up to half a million vacancies from across the UK and Europe. We list a small selection of current Kent vacancies available on the database (at the time of writing) for more information on any of these jobs or to apply, visit the website. Alongside vacancies, Jobcentreplus can help with career related advice and/or benefits help for people in a wide range of situations including:

Help for people ready, willing and able to work and actively seeking employment, Advice and information for people bringing up children who might also be seeking full time or part time employment. They can help with general advice for people thinking about moving (and working) abroad and for recent arrivals to the UK wishing to find employment.

If you have a low income there may be a wide range of ways in which the Jobcentreplus can help and if you have undergone a recent change in circumstances connected to a separation or divorce you will be able to find out more about any claim you might make. If Illness left you unable to work or unsure about what work you are able to undertake. Advice about benefits and working part-time is available.

What help is available for people with disabilities, what are the legal responsibilities of the employer and how can the Jobcentre help?

Looking for help with Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)? Then you might need to know what the rates and eligibility requirements are, how to claim, if it is possible to make an application online, what are JSA rapid reclaims and JSA interview.

Do you need to carry out the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS?). Find out what you need to do, what the costs are, how to to follow your application and what the appeal process is. Do you have a disability or a health condition? Then you might be eligible for the Access to Work programme, the DWP has more details.

If you're looking for details on signing up for an apprenticeship, the online service allows you to search for relevant opportunities as well as to register your own application. The online help includes details about the likely pay and benefits as well as other issues connected to qualifications,rates of pay as well as the general training environment. You can also find out where the funding comes from and what grants and support are available for employers.

If your experiences of Jobcentre Plus have falling short of the standards you expect use the website to find out how to contact the complaints department or to make a complaint and what to expect from the process. The information also includes contact information for the Independent Case Examiner and ombudsman.

Students And Jobcentre Plus - students of all ages can find details of their rights, the responsibilities of employers, schemes available like work experience and work placements and the context in which the minimum national wage operates.

if you're looking for help with job grants Job Grant you need to know that the scheme ended on the 1st of April 2013. You can't apply.

Jobcentreplus jobs, general information and career advice on this page. Changes to www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk means much of the information formerly maintained at the website is now published in several locations including the direct gov website.

Jobscentre Services For Recruiters And Employers

If you have any recruitment needs there is a wide range of help available from Jobcentre Plus includes general and specialist recruitment advice and help setting up a work trial. Explanations and guidance of the Work Choice and Youth Contract programmes.

Local Vacancies

As a small experiment we have switched our local job vacancies through to the Kent job pages. Rather than detail jobcentre searches. Follow these links if you need contact details for your local Jobcentre or the Yourcounty listings of local employers and employment opportunities.

Feedback & Disclaimer

If you find that any links are broken or content out of date let us know.This is a page under constant improvement. We welcome feedback on from users with direct experience of Jobcentres and their services.