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Welcome to the M&S careers, national, international and graduate opportunities and general recruitment help. On this page we also feature value added advice for landing a Marks and Spencer vacancy.In every instance our advice is to do some research before you start your application!

Quick Tip - If you're going to complete an application with M&S at any level make sure you know the published values and take a quick look at M&S Plan A (sustainable retail). This crops up time and again in the job applicant feedback we receive.

Marks and Spencer is the kind of employer that can offer a rewarding career to any job seeker that has the right qualities. Because of its; market position, rates of pay and reputation it generally has many applicants applying for each vacancy. On this page we take you through the basics steps necessary to complete and application to join M&S.

For links to the M&S recruitment portal as well as other retail recruitment resources visit the retail recruitment feature. A quick word about completing online or paper application forms - if you want to be successful treat them seriously, the employer will! The key to making a winning application is attention to detail and research.

Seasonal Work At Marks & Spencer

M&S are one of the great Christmas employers, in 2012 they recruited close to 20,000 seasonal staff and up to 20% of Christmas workers can be offered a permanent contract. It is regarded by some recruitment insiders as one of the best ways of getting a job with this company. Nearly all Christmas contracts are for in store customer assistant and café assistants jobs with a few in store operation roles. There is a two day training/induction session and even temporary staff get many of the benefits of working for the organisation like the 20% staff discount.

About The Company

The store was the product of a partnership between Michael Marks, a Polish refugee and Thomas Spencer, a Yorkshire cashier. 1894 was the year that the partners obtained a stall in a Leeds covered market, and the rest is history.

A few facts about M&S that will help you form an idea about who they are and provide some building blocks should you wish to pursue an application:

  • M&S is one of the UK's favorite shops with 21 million customers each week (about a third of the UK population).
  • The total number of people employed directly by the group stands at around 80,000.
  • Has two thousand suppliers.
  • There are 734 stores just in the UK.
  • More than 306 franchised stores (some part owned) in over forty different countries around the world (more details at the foot of the page). The company aims to dramatically increase it's international revenue in the coming years.
  • In the group just over half the turnover comes from food
  • If you want to know more about the long term business strategy, check out the five year plan visit the corporate website. The Jobs

Do you have an idea of what kind of job you are looking for? There are many different entry points and career paths in a company as large as Marks and Spencer, as a starting point we can divide careers into the following areas:

  • Business Placement
  • Graduate Recruitment
  • International
  • Head Office
  • Shared Service
  • Store non-management
  • Store Management
  • Trainee Management

Business Placement

Applications for 2012/2013 now closed

Graduate Recruitment

There is stiff competition for a place on one of Marks and Spencer UK Graduate Recruitment schemes. 2012/2013 scheme are now closed. The 2013/2014 schemes open in September 2013. We hold details and general information on our own Marks and Spencer Graduate Recruitment page.

International Vacancies

5% of the group turnover comes from operations outside of the UK and Ireland. Most of this business is carried out through franchise and part-owned operations. Marks and Spencer aims to have 80% of managers from the local community so if you are a citizen in the country where the store is based you should feel encouraged to apply for appropriate vacancies.

Contact details for leading international stores are published at the foot of this page.

Head Office Vacancies

  • Buying - Buyers are responsible for procuring great products at an appropriate price.
  • Merchandising - A function responsible for ensuring products arrive in store and are displayed in the best possible context.
  • Finance - Financial control, analysis and reporting
  • IT - managing current IT needs and developing solutions for tomorrow
  • Corporate Communications - How a business communicates internally and externally
  • Design - Visual presentation of the company
  • E-comms - Electronic based communication
  • International - Managing the business overseas
  • Logistics - Getting everything from A to B
  • Property - Estate management in all its aspects

Marks and Spencer Group plc, Waterside House, 35 North Wharf Road, London, W2 1NW

HR Shared Service

The centralised human resource function of the whole Marks and Spencer group dealing primarily with issues connected to payroll, pensions, administration and all other HR functions. More details from the recruitment website.

Marks & Spencer Store Vacancies

Store vacancies - can be divided into the following categories:

  • Customer Assistant roles can be full or part time and include:
    • Warehouse - Without wishing to state the obvious much of the activity is based around the warehouse and stock management including taking deliveries.
    • Cafe Revive - M&S run over 150 across the UK, they are one of the biggest coffee shops in the UK and still growing. It's a real business within a business.
    • Visual Merchandising - Good colour and design flair? Hands on ability with presentation? Then this might be just the job for you.
    • Clothing - One of the reasons for the success of Marks and Spencer as a fashion retail outlet is that it's staff actually specialise in one area and get to know it really well.
    • Home - As well as working in a busy dynamic department, staff will also learn how to arrange wedding lists and undertake ordering on a wide range of goods including furniture and blinds.
    • Food - You'll generally find staff working in the food hall knowledge about the products and services as well as passionate about the subject.

Before you apply for a job with Marks and Spencer visit your local store as well as the recruitment website: Kay Jones Wolsey is the Group Head of Recruitment at M&S. "Many people come to us with preconceived ideas about what retail management at M&S is like. But the scale of what we do means these ideas are sometimes short of the mark."

Store Management Vacancies

There definitely isn't a one size fits all approach to store management at M&S. Stores, departments and people can be very different and it's the job of M&S human resource people to match up the right candidates with the right stores. Visit the corporate recruitment website. Please note you can apply for one Head Office vacancy and a Retail Management vacancy or you can register your details on the Talent Bank.

Trainee Management

The 2014 scheme is likely to be open in April 2014, we'll publish more details as soon as they are released. The company usually look for two good A levels (or equivalent) and qualities like ambition, motivation and a real interest in a career in retail.

How To Get A Job With Marks And Spencer

Yourcounty has been providing information for job seekers for over a decade. Our advice here is directed primarily at local in-store vacancies but can be used by any potential applicant. We specifically don't provide advice for candidates after the initial application stage.

Top Ten Tips For Getting A Job With Marks And Spencer.

  1. Try and avoid making your application in a rush. if your first application is unsuccessful a further application may not be accepted for up to six months.
  2. Research the company and job roles online before you apply.
  3. Visit your local store and take a look around - how would you feel about working every day for this company?
  4. Take a realistic look at your skills and experience - do you have what they ask for?
  5. Visit the retail recruitment website to learn more about the jobs offered by the company and your own suitability.
  6. If you've decide to apply, generate some enthusiasm for the process, a lack of real interest is one of the easiest things for your potential employer to detect from from an application. If you feel like you can't be bothered then you probably shouldn't.
  7. Make sure you are able to provide any necessary references, ask your referees in advance!
  8. If you wish to apply for a local in store role consider submitting a CV or making a telephone enquiry in the first instance.
  9. When you're sure you want to apply make an application by telephone or online (the online application form is WebSAF compatible), think about how you want to apply and what you want to say. If you have any questions contact Marks and Spencer before you submit your application.
  10. Only submit the application when you feel it's as good as you can reasonable make it; now relax you've done everything possible to make a successful application.

M&S Interview Help

If you've got an interview give yourself a pat on the back, but consider that the real work starts now. The feedback we have received puts a great deal of emphasis on preparation. Generally speaking preparation can be divided into three parts. Prepare yourself, make sure you are well presented and in the right place at the right time, go into any Marks and Spencer store and you'll see how important the business takes grooming. Make sure you have done all of the relevant research, make sure you know enough about the jobs and part of the business you are hoping to join. Train hard and fight easy - do some interview role play, get a friend or college to offer you a mock interview, talk to someone who has been interviewed for a similar position and research the kind of questions which may be asked. More advice available from our interview help pages.

Generally speaking the better your level of preparation the more confident you are likely to feel.

The Benefits

Marks and Spencer offer their employees (at the time of writing):

  • A competitive salary (competitive usually means at least as good as other similar employers in the sector).
  • Profit sharing, pension and subsidised company benefit schemes
  • Excellent holiday entitlement that can rise to a massive 33 days according to grade and length of service
  • An M&S Discount Scheme allows employees to get 20% off up to a particular ceiling
  • C commitment to flexible working through a range of options: maternity, paternity and dependency leave and flexible working practises

The Marks and Spencer Domain

If you're trying to find the Marks and Spencer website by typing the domain you must use and www.m& or www.m&, or even www.marks& The use of the & is not possible in domain names.

Feedback & Disclaimer

Do you have a M&S story you'd like to share with other job seekers? If so we'd be delighted to hear simply email with 'Marks and Spencers' in the title. We are happy to correct any factual errors, please see our disclaimer.

User Feedback

"If you get as far as an interview, grooming is really important, this is true for both men and women, you'd have to have a pretty good CV if you turned up looking scruffy and still got the job."

"Thanks for your interview help and recruitment guides, I can share the questions I was asked as my last (successful) interview. From memory they asked me: Why would you like to work for this company in particular? What sets us apart from our competitors? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you have experience of dealing with difficult customers? Hope this helps. Caroline (Sheffield).

International Contact Details

This is not a complete listing but contains many of the leading stores and websites, some of which hold recruitment details for those respective countries.

  • Bahrain
    • Seef Mall, Block 428, Building 2102, Manama 2146, Bahrain
  • Bermuda
    • 17 Reid Street, Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Bulgaria
    • Bd. Arsenalski Number 2, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • China
    • Shanghai Wings, 863 Nanjing Road West, Shanghai, 200041, China
  • Croatia
    • Capitol Centar, Centar Kaptol, Nova Ves 11, 10 000, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Cyprus
    • Akropolis, 88 Acropolis Avenue, 2084 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
    • Centrum DBK, Budejovicka, 1667/64, 140 00, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Estonia
    • Rocca al Mare, Paldiski mnt 102, 135 22, Tallinn, Estonia
  • France
    • 100 Champs-Elysées, Paris, France
  • Greece
    • Kolonaki, 4 Kapsali Street, Kolonaki Square, Athens, Greece
  • Hungary
    • Váci utca 4, 1052 Budapest, Hungary
  • India
    • Shop No. 1, Ground Floor, West Gate Mall, Shivaji Place, Raja Garden, 110027, Delhi, India
  • Lithuania
    • M&S Gedimino Vilnius, Gedimino pr. 20, 1103 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Poland
    • ul. Zlota 59, 00-819 Warsaw, Poland
  • Russia
    • Domodedovsky Shopping Centre, Orekhovy Boulevard 14/3. Moscow, Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
    • Thalia Centre, Bin Homran Centre, Thalia Street, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Slovakia
    • Shopping Centre Avion, Ivanska cesta 16, 821 04 Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Turkey
    • Konya Devlet Yolu, No. 2 A-1/13 Akköprü, Ankara, Turkey
  • UAE
    • Fetouh Al Khair Centre, Next to New Etisalat, 28356 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.