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Are you looking for a job in Europe specifically or a job in France in particular? At the time of writing (August 2012) there were over one and a quarter million job vacancies from across the whole European Union with less than a million CV's registered. These bald figures indicate that Eures is a relatively under used resource for job seekers. Now entering it's second decade of activity Eures is a joint operation between the job centres (public recruitment and employment agencies) of the EU, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. These link for more Kent jobs and the Eures website.We welcome comments from anyone with recent experience of working in France.

The jobs in France come not just from French employers but all of the 30,000 organisations that are partners with Eures and have vacancies in France and French territories. On the website you'll find a simple but powerful search engine for all vacancies.

You can search by country or even by region - in the case of France this means you're able to check out vacancies in each of the 27 administrative regions like: Alsace, Aquitaine, Brittany, Champagne-Ardenne or Upper Normandy for example. This search capability is available to searches for jobs in all the countries covered by the Eures database - more than 30 in total.

For people thinking about working in another country the Eures portal also has the working brief to deliver advice and information about the countries covered under the scheme. You can expect to find a current and relevant overview of the local/national employment conditions and a detailed outline of the economy as a whole.Current Jobs In France

Eures is also able to provide details of the employment areas where most vacancies exist now and furthermore where most of the future job opportunities are like to occur. Currently according to the database most job vacancies in France taken as a whole are:

  • electricity, electronics - utility, manufacturing, qualified and experienced positions.
  • hotels, restaurants, food - the hospitality sector in general, languages and experience may be an advantage.
  • mechanical engineering, metalworking - engineering and trade qualifications and experience often required.
  • computing - a wide range of skill sets and knowledge needed.
  • processing industries - manufacturing in a wide range of areas.
  • building, public works - construction, surveying and architecture
  • banking and insurance - finance skills, experience and qualifications may be required
  • tourism - qualification and experience of the tourist trade as well as language skills may be needed
  • transport and logistics - driving, warehouse and distribution jobs in a wide range of locations

Future Job Vacancies

If you're thinking about working in France in the medium term the top ten of vacancies expected to be created by 2015 are:

  • nursery school staff and helpers and home based help
  • computer scientists and IT staff
  • auxiliary nurses and nursing staff
  • administrative executives and managers for supervisory roles
  • administrative staff
  • commercial executives with good all round experience and qualifications
  • qualified maintenance workers will be needed across a number of sectors
  • domestic staff for a wide range of tasks
  • qualified and/or experienced nurses and midwives
  • qualified processing industry workers able to adapt to changes in the industry

French National Employment Services

If you'd like to visit the French job website direct try the Pôle Emploi (, this is the French equivalent of the Jobcentre Plus website. At the time of our last visit there were 175,000 vacancies online. The vacancies cover a wide range of occupations and include permanent and seasonal job opportunities.

Jobs In France Disclaimer & Feedback

We publish some general information about the EURES database and working in France on this page. It is intended to be very much a starting point. If you have good French there are several other useful resources which you might find useful but our aim on this page is to give a little help to job seekers with modest language skills. If you can suggest changes or improvements to this feature let us know. We'd also like to hear from you if you've landed a job using the EURES database or have recent experience of working in France.

Your Comments

"Yourcounty Feedback

I have been working in France for four years and as you say in your introduction there are better job databases that you can use. As a start its a great way of searching across huge areas of employment and deparments. I have received job offers as a result of having used this system but it is a lengthy and time consuming process. The most import advice I can give people is to get a good accurate translation of your CV in French, most French employers won't give your CV much consideration if you can't be bothered to translate the document, particularly if you are still living in the UK. France is a great place to live and work, wages are a bit lower than the UK but outside of the big cities so is the cost of living. It might take a while but if you persist you can succeed."