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Welcome to the Yourcounty MI6 jobs page. We published this feature after the Intelligence Services opened their doors (and websites) in 1996. If you want other users' views about the service and its recruitment processes visit our MI6 job feedback page. If you've ever thought about a career in intelligence read on. This is the link if you'd like a little more information about MI5 jobs or The Intelligence Academy.

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The Work Of Intelligence Gathering

Military Intelligence Department 6 is more commonly known as MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and sometimes even as Box 850! It is the British Government's foreign intelligence gathering service. Governments have been overtly and covertly 'intelligence gathering' for centuries but the origins of MI6 lie at the start of the 20th century when the War Office created first MO3, then MO5 and eventually the Secret Service Bureau with the help of its founding father, William Melville. Strictly speaking the title MI6 hasn't been used officially for many years although it's still commonly utilised by the general public.

Identifying candidates for a secret government agency dealing with issues of national security was far from easy. The organisation wasn't publicly acknowledged until the mid 1990s. In 1996 there was something of a 'cultural revolution', an open recruitment scheme was created and the service even developed its own public website.

Today the textbook purpose of the Service is the protection of the UK national security and economic interests through a global covert organisation.

MI6 Jobs & Recruitment

Open job advertising began less than ten years ago and the main website www.sis.gov.uk is still the Service's main recruitment portal. MI6 solicits applications from people with the apposite; skills, experience and motivation. Career paths are divided into areas like:

  • Intelligence Officers - The people with the responsibility for gathering intelligence and managing the processes surrounding it.
  • Administrators - Administration and management in a high security environment.
  • Technology Jobs - Might include: Service Desk Analyst, Network and Electrical/Electronic Systems Engineers, Network and Electrical/Electronic Systems Engineers, and Software Developers.
  • Corporate Services - All the jobs you'd expect from a central government department; Finance, Procurement, HR, and Estate Management.
  • Language Specialists - Opportunity for people fluent in a range of languages. Applying For A Job With MI6

When you have visited the website, checked out the eligibility criteria, taken a look around and think you'd like to apply visit the appropriate page and follow the relevant instructions. Diversity is still a 'buzz word' in MI6 recruitment and applications from all parts of the community are welcome. The core values applicants should identify with include: integrity, being part of a team, innovation and a desire to make a difference.

Because of the extensive vetting the recruitment process can take as long as nine months, so if you're looking for a quick appointment MI6 may not be the organisation for you.

Graduate Recruitment To MI6

The SIS do recruit graduates with Technology and Language degrees into the service. But given the length of the recruitment process they welcome applications from undergraduates with apposite skills who are in their last year of their course. Students may also like to look out for Insight Events, (the SIS recruitment roadshow by any other name) your careers service will have the relevant details.

Working In Intelligence

MI6 or SIS is the UK's covert intelligence gathering organisation. Other countries have their own service(s) each has their own eligibility requirements. Some of the leading organisations include: Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), French Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence (DCRI), Ireland's G2 - The Defence Forces Directorate of Intelligence (Military Intelligence), New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, South African Secret Service (SASS), United States Secret Service.

MI6 Feedback & Disclaimer

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