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Welcome to our Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) job feature, we outline jobs and vocational opportunities with this animal welfare organisation as a template for job seekers looking for opportunities in this field. The aim of our page is to provide some background information about RSPCA jobs, list current and potential opportunities and link to relevant resources. We also add extra value by featuring user feedback where appropriate. If you have some experience of an RSPCA job or working with animals with the organisations featured on this page we'd welcome your comments. More local jobs and employers published on our Kent job page.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is one of the longest established and largest (in terms of size) organisations working for the benefit of animals in the world.

More employers and jobs with animals at the bottom of the page. RSPCA job information and employment tips and advice on this page.

About The RSPCA

The Society offers great opportunities both in full time employment and for voluntary work. The organisation has a budget of about £120m. The annual income comes entirely from donations and pays the wages of the workforce which currently totals one thousand five hundred. However the paid staff are just the tip of the iceberg, the Society is supported by hundreds of thousands of; volunteers, donors and benefactors, not least the charity's patron HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

The Society has one primary focus, to prevent cruelty to animals. This includes:

  • rescuing of both wild and domestic animals where necessary
  • rehabilitation of animals pending their return to the wild or re homing
  • prevention of cruelty through education, provision of low cost vets fees, advice and support (the Society take a million phone enquiries each year)
  • campaigning to introduce new legislation or amending existing or proposed laws
  • intervention - The Animal Welfare Act (2006) allows for the intervention in cases before animal cruelty has taken place

Working With Animals

Do you want to work with animals? If you are at school or college there a wide range of courses that will give you qualifications likely to be useful for any long-term career plans you might have. If you currently don't have time to to study you can still gain valuable experience working around animals. Follow this link to the recruitment portal ( where you'll find details of current RSPCA jobs across England and Wales as well as general recruitment information

The Society plays a major role in the care and welfare of animals in the UK. The range of jobs includes front line staff like; inspectors, animal welfare officers, veterinary nurses, veterinary surgeons, grooms, wildlife assistants and animal care assistants. But it wouldn't surprise you to know the Society also employs; scientists, journalists, administrators, fund raisers, campaigners, IT specialists and many more roles. Current Vacancies

If you visit the RSPCA jobs website you'll generally find up to 30 vacancies at any one time spread across England and Wales. If you are determined to work for the Society it might be a good idea to think about volunteering in the first instance. Full details about voluntary work on the website. vacancies at the time of our last visit included (note that duplicate jobs not shown here):

  • Regional Press Officer - Leeds -£25,034.64 - £26,496.12
  • Wildlife Assistant (VN) - RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre - Salary: £15,743 - £16,422
  • Maintenance Worker - Lockwood Animal Centre - Salary: £14.384 to £15,069
  • Animal Care Assistant - Ringwood, Hampshire - £12,730 to £13,362 plus shift allowance 
  • Casual Animal Care Assistant - Ringwood, Hampshire to £7.74 ph 
  • Wildlife Supervisor - Taunton, Somerset - £18,908 to £19,995 pa 
  • Service Desk Analyst - Horsham, West Sussex - £20,988 to £22,249 pa
  • Animal Care Assistant - Southridge Animal Centre - £12,730 to £13,362 pa
  • Animal Care Assistant - Felledge, Chester Le Street - £12,730 to £13,362 pa
  • Animal Care Assistant - Newport Animal Centre to £7.74 ph 
  • Animal Care Assistant - Bryn-y-Maen Animal Centre - £5,092 to £5,344 pa
  • Veterinary Surgeon - Birmingham Animal Hospital - £29,838 to £32,824 pa 
  • Veterinary Nurse - Harmsworth Animal Hospital - £15,035 to £15,715 pa plus benefits
  • Hospital Assistant - Putney Animal Hospital - £13.362 to £13,971 plus London Allowance
  • Clinical Manager - Putney - £22,249 to £23,385 pa plus London Allowance
  • Staff Nurse - Putney Animal Hospital - £18,908 to £19,995 pa plus London Allowance
  • Wildlife Supervisor - Taunton - £18,908 to £19,995 pa
  • Service Desk Analyst - Horsham, West Sussex - £20,988 to £22,249pa

More Jobs In Animal Welfare

If you're looking for even more opportunities of working with animals we publish a short guide to organisations that may have vacancies. This is not an exhaustive list and inclusion here does not imply any recommendation.

Howletts - Two wildlife parks in East Kent run by The Aspinall Foundation. Directly involved in several conservation projects both in Kent, Congo, Gabon, Indonesia and Madagascar.

Blue Cross- The website has a job vacancy section, specific and general information about careers and training in veterinary nursing and animal welfare in general and horse care in particular. - The British Horse Society home to information about hourse welfare and great resources for career and voluntary information. - Guide Dogs for the blind offer careers training dogs in order to support humans, extensive information on the website. - An animal welfare charity present in many parts of the UK, offering support to pets in need of vets. Lots of information about jobs and and volunteer opportunities. - RSPB - Founded in 1898, they now have a workforce of about 1345 and nearly 17,750 volunteers. Revenues of about £100m a year make this one of the biggest animal welfare organisations in Europe.

Wildwood - - Herne, Kent - Wildwood is a popular wildlife park set in 40 acres outside Canterbury in Kent. They have a number of staff directly involved in the care of 300 animals which include: Bison, Deer, Owls, Foxes, Red Squirrels Wild Boar, Wolves and much more.

London Zoo - Zoological Society of London - An important scientific, conservation and educational charity founded in 1826