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Working For BT

One of the UK's biggest and most highly regarded employers, British Telecom also has an important role as an international telecommunications provider. It's still a company where a young person can enter at the bottom and make it to the top. They offer a wide range of jobs from the most junior entry level positions to senior managers and board members, both in the UK and abroad. A quick word about completing online or paper application forms - if you want a job treat them seriously, the employer will!. Rates of pay are generally above market averages. Search for jobs on their website.

The history of BT has similarities with many of the other major telecommunications companies. It is something of a leader in the field being amongst other things, the world's oldest telecommunications company.

Historically a number of private and telephone and telegraph companies existed in the UK, these were gradually absorbed into the General Post Office (with the sole exception of Kingston upon Hull Company). The GPO became a public corporation (a kind of nationalised industry) in 1969. The General Post Office and British Telecom became separate organisations under The British Telecommunications Act In 1981 British Telecom was privatised in 1984 and re branded as BT in 1991.

BT Jobs

Today BT has 91,000 people working across the globe in six operational units:

  • Global Services - Provides services to large international customers.
  • Innovate and Design - Put simply this internal unit creates the platforms and processes that underpin the future of the business.
  • Openreach - Work primarily between the distribution point and a customers property.
  • Operate - Managing the groups; data, voice, and IT applications as well as 21st Century Network (21c)
  • Retail - This is the part of the business that services the needs of residential customers and most SMEs
  • Wholesale - BT's business is dependent on a number number of different telecommunications networks, they are collective known as 'the network' and it's run by this unit.

In nearly all cases when you apply for a job in the company you will be recruited into one of these business units. BT jobs are generally well rewarded positions and our feedback suggest good levels of employee satisfaction.

How To Apply

If you are interested in applying for a BT job, try the main recruitment portal, apprenticeships and graduate information further down the page. The BT job portal has a wide range of information and will allow you to search current vacancies. This company operates in most countries in the world at some level so it's a business that can offer diverse careers at many different levels. BT even takes on casual and seasonal staff if you need some short term work.

Current Opportunities

If you want to get a feel for the kind of jobs available check out their meet our people page. It gives a profile of vacancies like:

  • Principal Consultant, Technology Strategy
  • IT Project Manager
  • BT Global Services
  • Director, Manufacturing & Automotive Sector
  • Billing Operations Manager
  • Global Customer Assurance Apprentice
  • Research Business Development Team Leader
  • Head of Applied Technology Centre
  • Head of Business Sector Programmes
  • Business Repair Advisor
  • BT Apprentice
  • Fault Volume Reduction Lead
  • Technical Switch Data Apprentice
  • Technical Apprentice
  • Undertakings Programme Manager
  • Technical Switch & Data Apprentice
  • Customer Service Engineer
  • Frame Technician
  • Customer Service Technician Apprentice
  • Policy Leader, Employee Relations

BT Apprenticeships

Visit the main Apprenticeship website for the latest information. At the time of writing (August) the 2012 apprentice recruitment was in full swing. This is a nationwide campaign with opportunities across the UK including Kent and the South East of England.

Currently they are offering apprenticeships in a number of professional areas in various locations. The qualifications required depend on the vacancies available, check the apprenticeship website out for current eligibility requirements. Typically candidates will need a minimum of English and Maths at GCSE grade C or above plus at least 3 other GCSE subjects at the same grades. Plus a permanent right to reside and work in the UK.

Rewards & Benefits

A good work-life balance is emphasised in the company's recruitment website and this is one of the values stressed to people thinking about joining the company. Flexible working is quite widespread. Salaries are generally very competitive and you can expect to be well rewarded if you excel in your chosen career. When you join the company you can look forward to membership of share and pension schemes, discounts on some products and services plus interest free loans on season tickets where appropriate.

Graduate Recruitment

Visit the Graduate Recruitment website for more details. BT recruits graduates into all parts of the business; HR, Marketing and Media, Supply Chain, Legal, Technical and Business Management. Graduate vacancies are based in major towns and cities across the UK. This link for the Yourcounty graduate recruitment feature.

BT Jobs Feedback & Disclaimer

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