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Welcome to our links and resources in the banking and finance sectors; we have a mix of features, some from our own websites others to lead to external information. The one thing they all have in common is a direct or indirect connection to jobs in Kent. If you'd like to explore employers and vacancies in other sectors of the economy feel free to visit our jobs in Kent page.

We have a separate page for accountancy vacancies and generic finance jobs. The potential employers on this page can be divided into three different groups, employers in the banking sector (high street banks, mortgage providers), organisations working with financial products (insurance companies, investment and credit businesses) and all other financial related opportunities not covered elsewhere.

Despite the problems faced by the world banking community there is growing competition in UK banking services; credit cards, loans, savings accounts, mortgages and insurances. Sometimes there is just the illusion of competition, many different organisations offering identical products. The trend in the UK is away from high street banking and towards telephone and internet banking. Many of the new vacancies in the banking sector are in call centres and customer contact centres. The major players in UK retail and commercial banking markets include, Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Santander.

There is growing market share being taken by retailers for whom banking isn't their only or main retail activity, the largest of these include: Cooperative Bank, Sainsbury's Bank and Tesco Bank.

If you want an authoritative resource of banks in the UK try the FSA directory of UK incorporated banks

The number of specialist mortgage providers in the guise of building societies has decreased by over 20% in the last five years. There are now only 47 in the UK although amongst them are some heavyweight organisations like: Nationwide Building Society, Yorkshire Building Society, Coventry Building Society, Skipton Building Society and Leeds Building Society

One of our largest saving and investment institutions is National Savings and Investments (NS&I) has a customer base of over 25 million and manages over £105 billion. Many vacancies based at the London Head Office.

  • Alliance And Leicester - This organisation was a major player in the UK financial services services landscape for many years but today is now integrated with the Santander group.
  • AXA - This global force in wealth management and insurance. Worldwide the group has over 112,000 employees, agents and distributors across the world servicing the needs of 52 million customers. The primary areas of activity include: Asia Pacific, North America and Western Europe including the UK
  • Barclays Bank - Has shown itself to be one of the most resilient UK retail banks. Barclays enjoys a very long history and significant worldwide operations and has been active in Africa for over a century.
  • Cabot Finance - This is an organisation with a 15 year track record of buying and selling debt from from other financial institutions. Their offices in Kent are at Kings Hill Avenue in West Malling.
  • Co-operative Bank - Now merged with Britannia, has branches in; Ashford, Bromley, Chatham, Cranbrook, Dartford, Maidstone, Sevenoaks and Welling.
  • Fidelity Investments - An important employer in the Tonbridge area, their offices are based at 130 Tonbridge Road in Hildenborough. Fidelity is an investment company with quite specific recruitment needs. Their website hold significant information and vacancy details.
  • Handelsbanken is Swedens largest banking group with a growing, decentralised network of over 175 branches across the UK. Kent beanches include: Canterbury, Chatham, Maidstone, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells.
  • HBOS, Lloyds TSB Group plc has been renamed Lloyds Banking Group plc. HBOS is able to offer global employment opportunities including retailing banking jobs in Kent's high streets.
  • HSBC - An established worldwide banking group involved in most retail and business banking areas. A highly recognizable brand able to offer job opportunities worldwide or within the UK HQ as well as retail bank jobs across the UK.
  • Kent Accountancy - Kent has a range of small, medium and large accountancy practises most concentrated in the large towns like Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone. The 'big four' firms have branches nearby either in Central London or the commercial areas in the environs of Gatwick.
  • Lloyds TSB - Cheltenham & Gloucester (C&G) and Scottish Widows are just two of the brands contained and managed within the group, there is a significant amount of inter group branding. and most group products can be accessed through the branch network.
  • Nationwide have a customer base of nearly 14 million making them the biggest mutual business in the world. The organisation has 13n million customers who's needs are met by 17,000 employees.
  • NatWest - Are now part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, they have well over 120,000 people meeting the needs of about 30 million customers worldwide.
  • NS&I - Effectively the UK government saving and investment agency, they state that all the money you save or invest with them will be completely secure. Their portfolio of products includes premium bonds.
  • RBS - The RBS Group has grown into one of the UK's most important banking organisations. It owns a range of recognizable brands including; Natwest, Churchill, Coutts and the Ulster Bank.
  • Sainsbury's Bank began life as a joint venture between the supermarket and the Bank of Scotland, today it is wholly owned by Sainsburys and has a growing customer base for which it provides an increasingly diverse range of financial products are services.
  • Santander UK - The UK arm of the pan European Gruppo Santander is now one of the one of the most important players in the domestic retail banking market. The business encompasses brands including: Abbey, Bradford & Bingley's and Alliance & Leicester.
  • Tesco Bank - Tesco Bank are continuing to grow, both in the number of customers and the size and the breadth of their product range. Their are however few jobs in the South East of England, most vacancies likely to occur in Newcastle and Scotland.

  • Vanquis Bank - Vanquis are something of the new kids on the block of in terms of credit card provision. They operate in Poland in addition to their UK activity. The business now has in excess of 1 million customers serviced in large part from their customer service centre in Chatham. Job vacancies are published on the website, there are occasional vacancies for Polish speakers.
  • Woolwich - Is now part of the Barclays Bank Group. You can find current vacancies by clicking on the 'About Us' link and following the 'Recruitment' prompts to the Barclays website.

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