Kent Graduate Jobs

Information and help for graduate job seekers on this page including the biggest graduate recruiters in the UK. Most employers operating in Kent or running schemes eligible to Kent graduates. This link for our main Kent employment page. Some of these links lead to our own resources other are external.

Graduate Recruitment

Graduate recruitment, sometimes referred to as the milk round or campus recruitment is usually taken to mean the process of recruiting employees direct from university or soon afterwards. It also implies a specific career path with training and development dedicated to the scheme. Traditionally much of this recruitment has been carried out at job fairs held every year in each university. Today the emphasis is moving towards web based recruitment, even leading employers don't attend every university's job fair.

All organisations actively seek to recruit well qualified people to their workforce, experienced and talented graduates are in demand but the emphasis on this page is organisation offering dedicated graduate recruitment schemes.

Leading Graduate Recruiters

There is data available regarding the organisations that take on the most graduates, at the time of writing the leading UK graduate recruiters included: Boots, National Health Service (NHS), PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, KPMG, Tesco, Royal Bank Of Scotland , Ernst & Young, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, British Army, Specsavers, Accenture and Lloyds Pharmacy.

When you look at the regional picture: British Army, NHS, Boots, BAE Systems, Kent County Council, IBM, Hewlett Packard and PricewaterhouseCoopers all feature in the top ten. More details from The Complete University Guide.

Choosing The Right Graduate Recruitment Scheme

Certain vocational degrees are linked to a specific career, others allow for a much wider choice in potential employment paths. In both cases research is the key to maximising your potential. You must set your own priorities and it's not necessarily not all about money. If you wish for a good work life balance you might want to find an employer that offers a few extra days leave a year or a paid sabbatical. You might want (or not want) international travel, a great pension, excellent health care.

In every case if you examine the schemes below you will see employers offering different wages and terms of employment to graduates of about the same level. To use salary as a way of illustrating the importance of research take a very simple example: if organisation A offers on average its graduate recruits £2k more than employer B, and this differential is maintained through the whole career progression it equates to an extra £80k over a 40 year career. Worth doing a few extra hours research for? Graduate Recruiters

Links to many of the leading employers in the region in our directory as well as one or two excellent resources. This isn't an exhaustive list and we welcome submission from graduate recruiters who would like a free listing on this page.

  • Abbott Laboratories - Maintain a site a Queenborough, a highly regarded employer with a global operation. Great opportunities for science graduates.
  • Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services - One of the best UK resources for anyone with an interest in graduate recruitment.
  • Argos - Argos offer a fast-track 24 month programme, exposing candidates to every aspect of the business, providing an opportunity to gain real experience.
  • Banking Jobs - This link leads to the Yourcounty banking job feature, we link to many of the UK's biggest banks, most run their own graduate schemes.
  • BAE Systems - An international manufacturer of security products with a global workforce of about 100,000. The organisation run three schemes for graduates; business & engineering, finance and the fast track Sigma scheme.
  • British Army - Graduate jobs in the Army offers unique opportunities, unrivalled training and chances to make a difference.
  • Asda - There are thousands of graduate and management vacancies every year from one the the UK's largest employers.
  • AXA - A very big employer in West Kent with offices across the UK.
  • B&Q - A Nationwide DIY specialists with branches across Kent and the South East. There is a graduate recruitment scheme with plenty of scope to build a long term career.
  • Barclays Bank - Work for an international company with a UK high street profile. The websites has links to a range of social media where you can sign up for 2013 updates.
  • Boots - One of the biggest graduate recruiters in the UK, they can take as many as 500 graduates each year in a wide range of disciplines.
  • Centrica - The secret to getting on the advanced recruitment programme is to plan ahead, it's not too early to think about 2014.
  • Civil Service - One of the biggest employers in Europe, graduate recruitment and and fastrack .promotion schemes.
  • Ernst & Young - This global company has a London HQ, an annual turnover of around of £14b.
  • GradsKent - GradsKent incorporates the former GIGS programme which was run by Kent County Council. It includes interns and gap-year opportunities.

  • KCC - As one of the biggest employers in the region, KCC is normally able to offer an excellent package for suitably qualified candidates.
  • Marks & Spencer - Marks & Spencer (also known as M&S or 'Marks') have two intakes each year into two separate schemes, one for the UK and a second international. International opportunities in; Poland, China and India.
  • MoD Fast Stream - The MoD Fast Stream Development Programme offers recruits an excellent start in the organisation.
  • Morrisons - Jobs and employment opportunities for graduates at one of the UK's leading supermarkets. Typically more than 5o graduates recruited each year.
  • Nationwide - Nationwide is one of the UK's biggest financial institutions welcomes graduate recruits.
  • Royal Marines - The Royal Marine Officers train longer than the recruits, the ethos being that a Marine Officer would never ask one of his men to do something he wouldn't himself.
  • Tesco - In the top ten graduate employers in the UK and the leading UK retailr based on number of recruits.
  • Transport For London - TfL runs four graduate recruitment schemes, has full details on the website
  • Veolia Water - Formerly Folkestone Water, they provide water and wastewater management services throughout the UK and Ireland. Two graduate schemes one for support services and the other for specialists.
  • Waitrose - Part of the John Lewis Partnership which has a highly regarded scheme and provides excellent terms and conditions for graduate recruits.

These links are regularly checked but if you find any are broken or out of date please let us know. This is a page under constant development. Feel free to submit information for inclusion. Please see our disclaimer.