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Yourcounty has been providing; job news, career advice and employment guides since the year 2000. Over that time we have built up an extensive body of knowledge about employers and employment opportunities. Our own understanding is supported by user feedback and suggestions from research. We welcome your feedback regarding employment and recruitment in Kent, if you'd like to draw our attention to any issues or employer use the contact details at the bottom of the page.

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This page provides general recruitment information rather than specific job advertisements and employment news. The focus of our activity is the county of Kent including Medway, Bromley and Bexley. Inevitably the resources we publish will have a much more universal appeal. We specialise in providing accessible broad based advice, that's impartial and relevant.

Job Research

Within our job and recruitment pages we link to over two million vacancies in 500 different careers, literally everything from accountants to zoo keepers. If you base your job search on just one or two companies or one or two website you may find a great job but you are limiting yourself to a fraction of all the possible options. On the other hand there is a limit to how much research any of us can do. But our advice is to look at it this way, if research enables you to get £1 an hour more in your wage packet and you stay in that job for two years, the research has been worth over £4,000 to you. The same concept can be applied to other factors like; annual leave entitlement, the work life balance and promotion prospects. So you can see no matter what level you are looking for a job at, a little research can be worth thousands of pounds to you. We are putting together a job research guide which will be linked from here soon.

How To Find The Job You Want

We have welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors to our job pages, between them they have generated a significant body of feedback, this feedback combined with our own knowledge has led to a few conclusions. Firstly the way organisations recruit and people look for jobs is constantly developing. However three fixed principles seem central to successful job hunting:

  • Research - The more research you do the greater your chances of getting a good job.
  • Motivation - The higher your level of motivation, the more successful you are likely to be.
  • Quality - Employers are typically drawn to the best candidate rather than the worst.

The reality of job searching in the internet era is that most information is accessible to most users. The advertising of job vacancies has been developing over the last decade. Major employers are increasingly finding that in order to fill vacancies all they have to do is to publish job opportunities on their own website. If an organisation wants to reach just local people or has some specific requirement then other forms of media or web based consultants might be very useful. For example many of the major retailrs we link to advertise vacancies in their own stores and online; they only turn to local press or web recruiters if they can't fill a particular vacancy.

In the first instance we list wide ranging resources connecting you to most of the major employers operating in the county (those not already included on our jobs in Kent page). This is not an exhaustive set of links and subject to change. We provide free listings for employers operating in Kent and we welcome submissions from new employers.

You can start by browsing employment directories, they will give you an idea of just how many opportunities there are out there. If you're interested in larger organisation, search by employer type or if you look below you'll also see SMEs sorted by geographical area.

  • Accountancy
    • Information and advice for anyone thinking about a job or career in accountancy and finance including links to the 'big four'.
  • Banking
    • There's growing competition in UK banking services despite the recent turmoil in world financial markets.
  • Education
    • The public sector is the largest provider of employment opportunities in the UK, providing over three quarters of all job vacancies. In Kent, Canterbury has an increasingly important role as a centre for further and higher education.
  • Emergency Service
    • Employers linked fall into three groups. Those directly related to the traditional emergency services, agencies reporting to the Justice Ministry and organisation involved directly in the defence of the realm.
  • Graduate Recruitment
    • Often referred to as the milk round or campus recruitment, it is usually taken to mean the recruitment of employees direct from university.
  • Health, Caring And The Community
    • This page includes; information, resources and help for people wanting to work in the health and community sector.
  • Hospitality
    • A guide to hospitality jobs , work linked to the preparing and serving of food and drink as well as providing overnight accommodation or entertainment.
  • Legal
    • Jobs in the legal sector can be divided into two parts, occupations requiring qualifications/experience particular to the legal profession and jobs not requiring specific legal training.
  • Manufacturing
    • The broad definition of manufacturing is the 'creation of goods using tools or machinery', the word manufacturing normally implies a level of mass or multiple production.
  • Property Jobs
    • Featuring employers and job opportunities in the; construction, property, estate and letting agency fields.
  • Public Sector
    • Local government is one of the most important recruitment sources in every part of the country. Local authorities, county councils and many more organisations featured.
  • Recruitment Websites
    • Millions of vacancies online right now, local databases as well as national (jobcentre plus) and international (EURES, Manpower) providers of: recruitment, career management, training and development. Current jobs in Kent across the UK and worldwide.
  • Retail Jobs
    • The biggest economic sector in many of Kent's towns and therefore the place where many vacancies occur.
  • Transport
    • Jobs from every aspect of the mass transportation system; road, rail, air and sea. Also organisations related to these modes of transport (ports and airports for example).
  • Utility
    • Some of the UK's biggest employers providing some great career opportunities. Traditionally businesses delivering; natural gas, electricity, fresh water, waste water and the wider telephone network.

Feedback & Disclaimer

We take care over our content and it is checked and updated regularly but if you find that any links are broken or content out of date let us know.We welcome your feedback about all matters to do with jobs and employers in Kent, including your own personal experiences. This is a page under constant improvement. Please take a look at our disclaimer.