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Welcome to the Yourcounty Kent Job website page. We've been featuring and linking to websites offering jobs in Kent for about a decade. In that time the suggestions from our users and researchers have helped shape both the quantity and quality of our coverage. This feedback is essential to our continued successes so we'd welcome your comments about the job website we link to.

We welcome submission of websites for free inclusion here. Follow this link if you're looking for more employers in Kent.

Kent Jobs Online

Anyone who has searched for a job online has probably used one or more of the websites we feature here. The aim of this page is to increase the number of websites delivering a generally positive experience. If you have a view on this we'd welcome your thoughts. We'd like to single out the Universal Jobmatch website at .gov for praise. This is the brand new government funded national and international database of jobs accessed through the Government Gateway.

This page is still a work in progress, however the links below can already connected you with thousands of job vacancies right now.

  • Ashdown Group - Recruitment agency specialising in four key business areas - ICT recruitment, Accountancy recruitment, Marketing recruitment and HR recruitment.
  • EURES Working In Europe - A job in Europe? One and a half million vacancies online right now. Jobs in all EU member states in almost every employment sector.
  • Guardian.Jobs - Has a Kent jobs section, opportunities also divided by category including; Arts, Charity, Education, Environment, Government, Housing and Social care.
  • Gumtree - Now one of the leading UK free ad websites with an extensive Kent jobs section.
  • Indeed - One of the world's leading job websites featuring thousands of local vacancies.
  • Jobcentres - The biggest employment agency in the UK, offers much more than just vacancies, training and advice.
  • Jobs in Kent - Long standing local recruitment website with a range of vacancies across the county.
  • Kent Apprenticeship - Plenty of information about local apprenticeship schemes
  • Kent Jobs - The online job resource of the KM group, it features many of the jobs from the group's newspapers.
  • Manpower - A leading provider of: recruitment, career management, training and development. It can offer permanent and temporary placements globally including Kent.
  • Reed - One of the leading UK online recruiters since 1995 with dedicated local jobs pages.
  • This is Kent - A Northcliffe Media website, reflecting the print version of their output.
  • Total Jobs - A leading UK jobs board, at the time of writing they attracted over three and a half million job seekers generating two million applications.

Disclaimer & Feedback

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this page, but if you find that any links are broken or content out of date let us know.This is a page under constant improvement. We take care over our content but we're happy to correct any factual errors, please see our disclaimer.