M&S Graduate Jobs

Marks & Spencer (M&S) Graduate jobs; help and information on this page along with tips and links to relevant resources. Follow these links for more graduate employers in Kent and the main Marks and Spencer job page. Graduates can of course join M&S at many different level but this page focusses on the specific graduate recruitment schemes running in M&S right now. There are jobs in the UK and in the global M&S network.

About Marks And Spencer

One of the most important British retailrs, its core products include high quality and upmarket food as well as an extensive clothing range. It started trading in Leeds in 1884, M&S has grown into a retail giant with a globally known and respected brand. M&S now has 712 stores in the UK with a further 363 spread across the globe. Most of the shops outside the UK are franchise operations, the exceptions being those in Ireland and Hong Kong.

The end of the 20th century saw a shift in focus and business practise. In 1999 it entered the world of online shopping and two years later it started to accept credit cards in its stores. If you want to follow our own ideas and advice read on or visit http://corporate.marksandspencer.com/mscareers for the M&S Graduate job page. For local Marks and Spencer store contact details and locations visit the Marks and Spencer local store page.

Working For The Company

From the point of view of an applicant to a graduate entry scheme, an understanding of and sympathy with the values of the company is quite important. Before you start your application you should put your thoughts towards how the company sees itself (and wants its customers to see it). This isn't just a question of being able to quote mission statements and public declarations, rather its developing an understanding of where the business is and where it's hoping to be in twenty years. Employees that enter at the graduate level will be seen as the future leaders of the business. Current concepts which you need to think about in particular include: Excellence, Quality, Value, Service, Innovation and Trust.

Responsibility is a recurring theme in the graduate recruitment literature. In this kind of programme the employers tend to look for people who take responsibility for themselves, their performance and targets; in order to identify the potential leaders of the future. So using phrases like 'it wasn't my fault' may not improve your chances of success.

For anyone wishing to take on a leadership role in the company, a grasp of 'Plan A' is essential. Plan A ; This strategic document sets out a path towards M&S becoming the world leader in retail stainability by 2015.

At graduate entry, Marks and Spencer has two schemes, UK and international.

UK Graduate Recruitment

UK graduate recruitment takes place across a number of different functions. at the time of writing schemes included:

  • Retail Management - Business Placement
  • Human Resources - Business Placement
  • M&S.com - Business Placement
  • Food Technology - Business Placement
  • Food Product Development - Business Placement
  • Buying - Business Placement
  • Merchandising - Business Placement
  • Design - Business Placement
  • Retail Management - Graduate Programme
  • Buying - Graduate Programme
  • Merchandising - Graduate Programme
  • Design - Graduate Programme
  • Fabric Technology - Graduate Programme
  • Food Technology - Graduate Programme
  • Food Buyer - Graduate Programme
  • M&S.com - Graduate Programme
  • IT Business Analyst - Graduate Programme
  • IT Software Engineering - Graduate Programme
  • Supply Chain - Graduate Programme
  • Human Resources - Graduate Programme
  • Marketing - Graduate Programme

The employer will look to expose candidates to a reasonable amount of responsibility during the 12 - 15 months these schemes typically run. They want to see what you are made of so your limits may be tested from time to time.

Graduate recruitment represents a considerable investment both for the business and employee, at the outset candidates should expect to be able to build a career in the company.

Most applicants sign up on the The Retail Management scheme working in store. It is also possible to join one of the head office programmes in professional areas like: IT, Logistics, Purchasing, Marketing, Merchandising, Technology, Development and eCommerce. At the time of writing HR graduate recruitment had been suspended.

In every case you will have the opportunity to work in different parts of the business in order to build up an overview of how the company actually works. There is some flexibility in exactly how your own individual programme develops. A lot is up to how hard you work and successful you are.

Requirement for the Retail Management scheme has some flexibility but for Head Office schemes you'll need a good degree in the relevant discipline. You are only able to apply for one scheme so look hard at the options before you make a decision.

International Graduates

There are great opportunities for graduates able to work internationally who have an understanding of the country they would like to work in and appropriate language skills. At the time of writing people had been recruited to work in: China, Czech Republic, France, Greece, India and Poland. There are many similarities with the UK scheme. You might already be based abroad or currently studying in the UK and looking to move.