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Some help and advice for anyone undertaking the Royal Mail's online casual staff recruitment process. We provide some user feedback here and we're always open to receive comments from anyone with experience of working for the Royal Mail. Our contact details are at the bottom of the page. Follow these link for our Royal Mail recruitment page and more jobs and employers in Kent.

The Application Process For Royal Mail Casual Staff

We've had quite a lot of feedback from users that have completed the online application process (both successful and unsuccessful applications). The comments and brief summary we publish here is based on that feedback. If you're going through the online recruitment process you might find it useful.

"I completed the online application process for Royal Mail casual staff, the first stage was very simple, general details, address etc. When this was completed I received an email and returned to the recruitment pages and this is where it got a little more interesting. There were two automated selection forms one based on data the second more of a personality profiler. The data test comprised a number of short exercises looking at comparisons of numerical and alphanumerical characters. You had to compare data and tick a radio box if you found the data identical or non-identical. It's not really hard except for the fact that the test is timed and in this sense it is a real challenge. There is a set of six demonstration questions to begin spend some time practising with these IT WILL HELP.

"The second test was more personality based, not much advice I can pass on, there was no time constraint so it I took my time. Statements that you had to agree or disagree strongly with. like 'do enjoy new challenges' 'do you like to work as part of a team'. Good luck and I hope this helps.

Help Completing The Royal Mail Online Application

Based on the feedback we can suggest:

  • Complete all formal parts of the online application form as fully as possible, set aside a proper amount of time so you don't have to rush.
  • If you progress to the data selection form, treat it as a proper test, we know that not everyone is successful. The data test requires good observation and attention to detail, eliminate all distractions and be prepared to concentrate fully for the short duration of the test.
  • Take the example test seriously, do not move on to the actual test until you feel you have fully understood what you are going to be doing.
  • Don't panic even if you make a mistake and stay focussed on the time.
  • There is no time constraint on the 'personality profiling' test. So you have the opportunity to think carefully about each answer.
  • There is an example question, don't start the test until you have understood how the test works.

Feedback & Disclaimer

If you find any links broken or content out of date let us know. We're also keen to have your feedback about working for the Royal Mail. We're happy to correct any factual errors, please see our disclaimer.