Joining The Royal Marines

General information about jobs and careers in the Royal Marines on this page. Follow these links for Army and TA opportunities and more employment opportunities in Kent.If you have recent experience of life in the marines or even their legenendary recruitment process we'd welcome your comments.

About The Royal Marines

The Royal Marines are often known as just the Marines or event the Green Berets, they are the Royal Navy's amphibious troops. The Royal Marines trace their history back to 1664 when maritime infantry (or foot soldiers) were brought into service. The Royal Marines are organised into a number of units capable of operating in the harshest of conditions in almost any circumstances. As well as their traditional combat role the Marines are actively involved in humanitarian work, fleet protection, there is also the Special Boat Service (SBS).

Careers In The Royal Marines

If you want to join the Royal Marines the first step is to check out the eligibility requirements that are fully outlined on the Royal Marine careers website. Once you have satisfied yourself that you can and want to make an application you should fix an appointment with a HM Forces Careers Office.

In order to enter the service you must be physically fit and possess mental toughness. Needless to say there are also other highly valued qualities (courage, perserverance, and a sense of humour to name but three) but you must be realistic about the physical demands if you're going to take the application forward..

The Green Beret

The Green Beret is awarded to soldiers who complete the legendary 30 week training course. Once you have been awarded your Green Beret you'll probably go onto general duties and thus be known as be General Duty Marine. Typically General Duty Marines move onto special training after 18 months. Specialist jobs are extremely varied and opportunities depend on your own skills and operational needs. Marines may receive training as: an Armourer (weapons' specialist) , Chef, Driver, Helicopter Aircrew, Heavy Weapons and Mountain Leader.

Royal Marine Officer

Officers are asked to complete one of the hardest tests available to any soldier in HM forces. Officers also have a wide range of specialism to choose from which include: Heavy Weapons Officer, Pilot Officer, Mountain Leader Officer, Landing Boat Officer and SBS Officer.

Recruitment Contacts

We've only presented a small flavour of recruitment and careers for the Marines, for full current information contact:

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