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Welcome to our resource page for people looking for employment in the transport and travel sectors. We present some general information along with value added comment and local knowledge together with links to employers and relevant resources on this page.

It is true to say that almost every part of the economy has a transport element to it. On this page we try to focus on organisations who's main activities are connected with transport. If you're looking for a driving job with a supermarket for example your best bet is to visit the main Kent job page and browse the other potential employers. We feature links to a range of other employment sector below.

The success of this feature is due in no small part to our users, not just direct bouquets or brickbats but also the; amount of time spent on the page, the frequency that links are followed and users return. This list isn't exhaustive and we welcome submissions of employers for a listing. If you have any direct experience of any of the organisations listed below we would welcome your thoughts.

Transport Jobs In Kent

For the purposes of this feature we include transport jobs from the varied networks and systems in the county including; air, road, rail and sea. In addition we point to driving jobs; trucks and taxis for example, as well as other logistic functions; freight forwarding and distribution.

Kent has always found itself on a crossroads one way or another. Geographically it is the obvious link between France and England, Europe and Britain. Kent has two international airports, three international sea ports, two international railway terminals and a channel tunnel as well as some of the busiest road and rail links in Europe. Kent's road network includes four major motorways (M25, M26, M2 and the M20)

Transport is a key part of the local economy and direct related to tens of thousands of employment opportunities. We present some opportunities below, we are continually adding to this page this is a page in constant development and the listings are increasing.

Buzzlines - - Coach operators based in Hythe providing a daily commuter services between Kent and London, a range of UK and Continental coach holidays, day trips and coach hire and charter services.

Driving Jobs With Arriva - This company employs over 45,000 people and deliver more than one billion passenger journeys across eight European countries every year. As one of the longest-established bus operators in the South East of England. Arriva Southern Counties offers a comprehensive network of bus services parts of Kent and Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Essex.

Davies Turner - - An organisation that started life in 1870 and now it is one of the most important of the UK's logistics groups. The group currently has around 800 employees and 23 branches facilitating collection and delivery throughout the UK. International solutions are delivered through partner organisations. The business has an annual turnover approaching £145m..

Eurostar Jobs - The direct service between London and Paris or Brussels is increasing its reach, speed of service and reliability. The High Speed Rail links in the UK have helped created record breaking journey times between London and Paris and the number of direct and indirect destinations are higher than ever. Recruitment in the organisation can be dived up into several areas: Corporate & Legal, Business & Commercial, Finance, HR, Project Teams, Customer Facing and International Operations.

Jobs In France - Looking for transport jobs in France? Eures provides details of the employment areas where most vacancies exist now and furthermore where future job opportunities are like to occur. Transport and logistics is one of the growth sectors.

Kent International Airport - - One of the largest employers in Thanet but the airport hasn't reached its great commercial potential. The recent arrival of KLM services has been a step in the right direction. The owners are Infratil Limited (the organisation behind Glasgow Prestwick Airport) and they alone employ over 100 people at Manston.

Lydd London Ashford Airport - - Advertises vacancies from time to time on their website.Lydd Airport is conveniently situated for travellers wanting to visit the South East of England and is within easy access to the M20 motorway. The high speed rail link from The Ashford International Station will get you into England's capital, London, St. Pancras Station in just 37 minutes. Private helicopter transfers to London can be arranged if required, typically taking 25-35 minutes.

Merchant Navy - - At the time of writing more than 20,000 British seafarers and a thousand cadets were serving in the Merchant Navy. There are a range of opportunities in everything from: navigation, engineering, catering and hospitality. There are something like 425 ships of over 1,000 tons in the merchant fleet at the time of writing including: bulk carriers, cargo ships, chemical tankers, container ships, passenger ships, combined cargo/passenger vessels, petroleum and gas tankers as well as 25 roll-on/roll-off ships.

Network Rail Jobs - - Advertise vacancies online, they also have; Graduate Recruitment, Foundation Degree and Apprenticeships programmes. Most vacancies are as you would expect of an engineering nature.

P&O Ferry - - Currently advertising; onboard, marketing and IT jobs. HR administration is in Dover. P&O Ferries boasts the largest fleet of ships offering a wide range of services and facilities, the most comprehensive route network and the most frequent passenger and freight services to the Continent.

P&O Maritime - This organisation has been operating for over 40 years, it aims to provide global maritime excellence in logistic support. P&O Maritime has in excess of 1,600 employees in all its operations across the world.

Port Of Dover Jobs - The Port of Dover is proud to be recognised as Europe's busiest and most successful ferry port and to have thriving cruise, cargo and marina businesses. The Port is vital to the UK national and local economies - we handle around £80 billion of trade each year and are a vital link for tourism to both Kent and the UK. We support around 22,000 jobs locally and are constantly improving and investing to maintain our growth and success.

Port of Ramsgate - - The historic port of Ramsgate is owned and managed by the local authority. It includes a large marina and port.

SouthEastern Trains - Southeastern runs train services in Kent, South London and parts of East Sussex. From their website; "With the commitment and enthusiasm of our employees we’re aiming to be one of the most successful train operators running the most complex service in the UK."

Transport For London - Current vacancies, apprenticeship schemes and a graduate recruitment programme. TfL's Commissioner and chief officers are accountable for the daily running of the organisation and the work of its 25,000 employees.

Transeuropa Ferries - At the time of writing the Transeuropa service was no longer operational.

Wincanton - - Wincanton provides outsourced logistics services in the UK & European markets. The firm has a warehouses in Tunbridge Wells and Snodland.

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