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Welcome to the Yourcounty Waitrose jobs and careers page. We've been highlighting jobs with the John Lewis Partnership (JLP) and similar employers for a decade or more. The content on this page has developed to reflect user and researcher feedback. In this spirit we welcome your comments if you have experience of working for Waitrose or their recruitment process. Follow this link for more employers in Kent.

About The Supermarket

Waitrose Limited is the supermarket division of the John Lewis Partnership, its place in the spectrum of UK retailers is towards the quality end, 'upmarket' frequently being an adjective applied to its activities.

The enterprise started life in 1904 as a local food store in Acton called Waite, Rose & Taylor. By 1908 the business had been renamed Waitrose, the business now having just two partners, Messrs Waite and Rose. The business prospered, particularly between the wars and when it became part of the John Lewis Partnership in 1937 it already had over 150 employees working in ten stores.

The growth of the business continued and it's first 'supermarket' was opened in 1955. More stores were developed by over the following five decades, most in the South and South East of England. Today there are 290 stores delivering a market share of around 4.3% making it the sixth largest in the UK, making it the 6th largest grocery retailer in the UK with a turnover of around £4b.

The supermarket has ambitions to double its turnover by 2016, as part of this strategy the 'Essentials' brand has been created, bringing the traditional levels of quality together with very competitive prices. There is also a price match scheme where 'Essentials' and certain branded goods are price matched with other popular supermarkets.

About The John Lewis Partnership

The John Lewis Partnership (JLP) runs Waitrose stores. It may be of particular interest to know that the business is a trust where all employees have a share and reap the rewards of the success of the business. Workers are known as 'partners' and help shape the direction of the organisation.

Working For Waitrose

Visit our retail jobs feature for contact and application details or www.waitrosejobs.com for the main recruitment portal.

The JLP is a highly regarded employer, the published benefits of working for them included (at the time of writing):

  • The annual bonus - One of the key points to consider taking a job with Waitrose is the bonus. Simply put employees (partners) receive a share of the business profits a figure of 15% of the annual salary would by typical of the performance of recent years.
  • Discounted Good & Service - 12% after the three months qualifying period, even greater rewards for John Lewis employees after a years service.
  • Paid annual holiday - For most positions four weeks at year at the outset, rising to five weeks and more after reaching length of service goals.
  • Pension scheme - A highly regarded final salary non contributory pension currently payable from the age of 60in most circumstances.
  • Extended leave - The opportunity for a paid break from work of up to 6 months after 25 years service
  • Other benefits include - Life assurance, subsidised eating on duty, residential and non residential social opportunities, discounts on a range of activities.

Graduate Careers

Waitrose offers great opportunities to enter the fast-moving retail sector through a flexible training scheme. Successful candidates may get a position as a department manager within two years. The scheme typically recruits 30 graduates per annum through two seperate intakes. Visit the graduate recruitment pages for more information.

Applying To Waitrose

Competition is really tough for Waitrose vacancies, for example the Stratford store received more than 1400 applications in just two days, the moral of this fact is that you'll need to make an outstanding application to have a chance.

Local Stores in Kent

At the time of writing there were thirteen branches in Kent although the JLP is looking to increase the number of supermarkets across the UK. You'll find shops at Repton Park in Ashford, there is a new store in St George's Place in Canterbury (on the site of the bowling alley). There are three supermarkets in the Bromley area as well as one in Crowborough and in Hythe. The only Waitrose in Thanet can be found in Queen Street, Ramsgate. The remaining stores in Kent can be found at the Orchard Shopping Centre (Dartford), the Aylesford Shopping Centre, in Church Road Paddock Wood, as well as Sevenoaks, Tenterden and Tonbridge

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User Comments

"You have an excellent page but I think you need to emphasise the JLP partnership bonus. Each year profits from within the partnership profits are shared pro-rata amongst all employees. It can be as much as 20% on top of the annual salary. When comparing wages and benefits including the bonus makes JLP jobs amongst the best paid on a like for like basis compared to other supermarkets. Keep up the good work. Helena"

"I never realised just how great the partnership model was until I started working for the company, many applications come from family members who know how it works. Toms"

"I applied four times before I even got an interview despite having all the right qualifications and experience. I'd like to know what criteria they use, it's only shop work after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BB"

"I've worked for three UK supermarket chains in the last decade the working environment at Waitrose is great and the training second to none, think the basic pay could be a bit better."