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The Kent Fire & Rescue Service

The history of the fire brigade in Kent goes back over 200 years. In 1802 Hythe set up a town based fire service. In the same year the Kent Fire Office was created and the Deptford (insurance) brigade was formed. A second municipal service was created in Kent at Ashford twenty five years later. The twentieth century saw the innovation of motorised fire appliances with Bromley being the first town to introduce them. The threat of WWII led to the formal creation and regulation of local fire brigades and the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) in 1938. Just three years later all the local brigades and the AFS were integrated into a National Fire Service. In the post war era fire services returned to the control of the respective local authorities.

Today the Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Service has over 50 fire stations, 75 fire appliances and a host of other vehicles manned by something like 1,700 members of staff. The area of responsibility of the service contains more than 1,725,000 people making it one of the biggest and busiest services in the UK.

Working For The Fire And Rescue Service

The current roles available in the Fire Service are outlined below, follow this link for the relevant contact details for all the local emergency service jobs and details of how to make an application.

  • Firefighters are on the front line quite literally fighting fires and dealing with a wide range of other emergencies including; road traffic collisions, buildings in a state of collapse, floods and other rescue situations. Kent no longer has a retained system, this system has been replaced by on-call firefighters.
  • Control Team Staff are essentially the people you speak to if you ever dial 999 and ask for 'Fire'. The control room is a 24/7 operation and over the course of a year staff working in shifts handle handle in excess of 45,000 calls.
  • The Technical Fire Safety group are involved in delivering; technical, legislative and policy support as well as enforcement services.
  • Community Safety staff have responsibility to help the prevention of fires and other accidents
  • The Kent Fire And Rescue Service has the support of a wide range of central functions that carry out all the tasks that you might expect from a large public sector organisation; IT, HR, engineers and much more.

These are many more individual jobs in the Service, visit the website for specific details.

Contact And Location

  • Kent Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters, The Godlands, Straw Mill Hill, Tovil, Maidstone, ME15 6XB
  • 0800 028 0852

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