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Car Insuranace And Van Insurance Reviews And Help

Hi, the Yourcounty Insurance pages are currently under review, they will be making a full return in due course, please check back here soon.

Welcome to the Yourcounty Car Insurance feature, in one form or another it's been part of our website for nearly ten years. We also feature home insurance and life insurance recommendations. At one time we used to publish many of the leading insurance deals, but over time we've changed our coverage to those companies you see below. A word of warning, we're currently (November 2012) reviewing our total number of insurance pages so not all the data will be current. In every instance we welcome your feedback, if you've had a good or bad experience with any of the policies we link to we would welcome your comments. Also let us know if you've had a great experience with a car insurance deal not on these pages.

The Best Quotes - How We Decide

We generally feature insurance deals based on personal experience, direct feedback or research. By personal experience we mean that the author someone in their immediate circle has tried the product. About a third of all the insurance products come into this category. We, a friend or family member has actually tried the product as a member of the public and been more than happy to recommend it. Similarly where we've had a bad experience or receive a body of negative feedback we phase out the relative insurance page(s). We also use research to identify insurance companies and specific car insurance products that offer competitive prices, particularly good deals or where the reputation of the company for its customer service standards is high.

What Product Do You Need?

For most of us car insurance is a relatively straight forward matter of finding the best value quotation (not necessarily the lowest price) signing up and away we go. If you have particular needs you might need to find a specialist provider. As a general rule rule we feature mainstream insurers, although some of them will have specialist products in their portfolios. Specialist insurance products may be needed for; classic vehicles, European vehicles (not to the UK standards) kit cars, modified cars, high performance cars and non-production models.

Our featured car insurers generally offer three policy types:

  • Third Party Only
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft
  • Fully Comprehensive

The specific products may include

  • Business Car Insurance
  • For 17 Year Olds
  • For New Drivers
  • For Women
  • For Student
  • For Named Driver
  • For Young Drivers
  • Multi-Car Insurance
  • No Claims Discount
  • Short Term Car Insurance

Disclaimer & Feedback

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our content and that it brings some added value to our users. But if you find any links are broken or information out of date let us know.This is a page under constant improvement and we're happy to correct any factual errors, please see our disclaimer. Details correct at the time of publication, for the latest information confirm directly with the retailer. Some offers are limited and terms and conditions may apply.