The Perfect Christmas Present 2014

Welcome to the Yourcounty Christmas pages, the content is divided between present and gift suggestions and seasonal related features. We generally put the Christmas gift pages together in the autumn when we start to get a feel for which presents are hot and which are not. Our generic gift and anniversary present pages are updated on a rolling basis across the year.

Currently only the Christmas presents for parents 2014 page has been updated. The others will be introduced online on an ongoing basis.

Christmas Features For 2014

Christmas Trees; where and how to buy a tree, some information about the history of the Christmas Tree, reasons to choose a 'real' or artificial tree and information about the environmental impact of Christmas Trees. Christmas Carols - The history of this popular seasonal musical form and the role and relevance of carols in the modern era. Christmas Stuffing - Probably the best of our Christmas recipes, a chestnut stuffing to beat all others, simple and delicious. If you're a traditionalist you might be interested in our Christmas cracker feature, where did they come from, why do we use them. The growing trend in filling your own crackers means there are an even greater number of possibilities, our feature tries to suggest some possibilities.

We have a Christmas Flower page, this feature is updated in the autumn to highlight current trends and thinking from the world of festive flowers and we support the information with details of the latest offers and prices. We publish some similar information outlining the role of the hamper in the traditional Xmas celebrations. and outlining offers and promotions as we enter the Christmas season.

Our dedicated Christmas events guide has been running for many years, take a look at our 2012 listings to get a feel for what we cover. We have an extensive pantomime feature, which includes some explanations about the traditions of this particular form of seasonal entertainment detailing its origins and history.

Below we link you to some of the best Christmas gifts available online in 2013. By 'best' we mean those gifts that we feel are likely to be a hit with your friends and family this year. You will find over 300 specific gift and present suggestion on the Yourcounty pages, most sorted into specific categories, we have used our own experience and personal judgement to compile the present suggestions.

These links will be useful if you're looking for; how to decorate a Christmas tree or arrange a party or where to get stunning lights.

The Best Presents

There is no 'best' present for everyone, this is something of an illusion. In the UK it is possible to chart the best selling toy presents into a kind of 'top ten of gifts. But even in the case of a 'must have' present, it won't suit everyone. What these pages aim to do is to demonstrate some of our tips of 'the moment'. It's up to you the user to decide what presents best meet your needs. If you have some suggestions or can spot some glaring omissions in our coverage do let us know. Our feedback details are at the foot of the page. Other Seasonal Features

If you're looking for more Xmas resources you might also like these features: Chestnut Stuffing and Christmas Jobs.

Perfect Christmas Present 2014 - Your Feedback & Disclaimer

If you'd like to let us know about anything connected to Christmas presents, particularly anything with a Kentish theme please send us your feedback. Yourcounty does not have any responsibility for the content of external websites.