Do You Know When Your Local Lights Are Going To Be Turned On

We will begin to post Christmas events for the Christmas 2015 season as soon as we receive them. Usually details start to be received at the end of the summer and the flow of information gathers pace up to Christmas day itself. We welcome event details for free inclusion, simply email your event details to We aim to publish a maximum of about 70 events here on a first come first served basis, if we receive considerably more events, we will publish a second and third page. These listing are designed to reflect the widest spectrum of events so you will find large professional productions alongside some small community activities, we also feature events from the whole of the traditional county of Kent, this includes Medway, Bexley and Bromley. During the Christmas period we continue update the Kent What's On Guide. We publish pantomimes on a separate page.

If you'd like to take a look at the full extent of our seasonal features take a look at our Christmas directory.

Christmas Events

A Christmas Carol Ballet - Tunbridge Wells
Ice skating in Tunbridge Wells

We cover a range of entertainment on this page, but all are Christmas themed in some way. Pantomimes are the most popular form of live entertainment, we publish details of these on a separate page. Our Christmas events guide are made up of three different categories. Christmas Lights - the big switch on are big events in many towns attracting thousands of people in other places they are more sober affairs. We publish these details at the foot of the page. Christmas Plays & Concerts in theatre's where there aren't pantomimes there may be concerts and plays with a season theme. Christmas Craft Fairs & Markets are popular all over Europe, there are several in Kent and we publish details of many here.

The Events We Feature

We don't all seasonal events on one page, we publish all those relevant submissions we receive but we have a cut off point of 75 entries. When the list gets to 50 items it's value decreases, so we try to limit the number of events. We publish events by date rather than by event location. One of the things we specifically try to do is to highlight and promote the events here so we actually encourage our users to browse the page. If you submit an event we'd appreciate it if you could provide the details in the format we use. We also feature events on the Blog, Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

Christmas Events 2015

Our coverage returns in 2015

Christmas Lights Switch On 2015

One of the features we traditionally pull together is the Kent Christmas Lights Diary. We begin to publish listings at the start of November and they increase increase in the closer we get to the start of December. We welcome submissions of details to include in the guide. During the Christmas period we continue update the Kent What's On Guide. We publish Kent pantomimes on a separate page.

Christmas Lights 2015

Our coverage returns in 2015

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If you'd like to let us know about Christmas events in your area send us your feedback. We're not able to reply to every email personally but we read everything! We've been publishing events since the year 2000, we feature listing in the Kent Review, the Yourcounty Blog as well as Twitter and Facebook.

Please refer to our disclaimer, Yourcounty does not have any responsibility for the content of external websites.