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Online Advertising In Kent

We accept individual adverting 'in context'. We place your advertisement on the page(s) of choice for a specific period or a specific number of exposures. We feature some general advertising information on this page.

What Does It Cost?

From 3p every time your advertisement is seen. If you'd like a no obligation quote, email, telling us the advertising format you'd prefer (see below), which pages you'd like to feature on and for how long or how many exposures.

Who Are We?

Yourcounty is Kent's Local Internet Portal, we have been successfully meeting the county's information needs since January 2000. We have up to 200,000 people viewing up to half a million pages every month; in addition to the thousands of subscribers to the Kent Review.

Yourcounty is a hand crafted website, we can offer bespoke advertising and promotion solutions including: non standard ad sizes, mixed media advertisements, embedded text and opt in email advertisements through the Kent Review.

Why Is  Advertising With Yourcounty So Effective?

What sets us apart is the quality of our audience and the relevance of our content. Over half the people that visit the website are 'returners', people who have previously seen Yourcounty and come back time and time again.

The Choice Is Yours:

You can advertise with Yourcounty on a per week/month or per exposure basis or with the use of a content feature:

  • per week - we calculate the fee based on the length of time you want the advertising to run

  • per exposure - the cost is based on the number of times an advert is actually seen

  • content feature - we publish your content for three months on a brand new page for three months, further periods can be agreed. Here's an example Canterbury Housekeeping Services.

Yourcounty Advertisements

You can choose from those listed here, if you require something different get in touch for a personalised quote.

1. Banner
Maximum Impact! From 3p per exposure you can enjoy high visibility with your target audience.

2. Skyscraper
From 3p per exposure reach up to 200,000 local internet users each month. 

3. Feature Advertising
Make a big impact very quickly from 3p per exposure. Your ad appears on every page of the Yourcounty website, linked to the Yourcounty Feature page where we publish your details. Typical cost is £400 per day

4. Kent Review
The Review is the Kent Weekly Email Newsletter, we don't currently place advertisements in the review but we can link to a page on our website where your advertisement or details may appear. Cost £50 per link.

5. Ad Hoc Links & Content
Where appropriate we can include your details/link/advertisement on any part of any page from just £50 per month, more details on request. You can also promote your activity or product by sponsoring a page on the website. 

6. Listings
If we have a relevant section we can add your link for a one off annual fee, prices start at £100.  7. Advertorial
A full page of content dedicated to your activity linked from the Yourcounty homepage to ensure maximum search engine coverage. 1 month for £100.

Our Commercial Principle

  • to provide the best value for money advertising in the county

Yourcounty can offer a wide range of advertising and promotional solutions, more in fact than we can detail here. If you have any question feel free to make a no obligation enquiry to

Full terms and conditions are available on request.