Charity Gifts For Your Friends And Relatives From Save The Children Wish List

Giving A Children's Gift That Really Counts

The Save the Children Wish List is an opportunity for you to give something meaningful to your nearest and dearest whilst helping to make a real difference to the lives of children from around the world. The Wish List enables you to buy them a gift that supports a very good cause, in some cases life saving cause! Follow this link for more of our community features.

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How Does It Work?

Each gift that is purchased through this scheme will be a direct contribution to the work of saving children's lives and helping to create conditions where they can fulfil their potential.

The process is very simple and very safe.

  1. Visit the Wish List website by clicking on the purple "Change A Life This Christmas' advertisements on this page. This will tyake you to the Save the Children website.
  2. Chose a gift from the specific categories, each related to a an area of the work of Save the Children.
  3. Enter the delivery details and delivery method. A personalised poster and card can be sent direct to the person you are buying the present for or to yourself if you prefer.
  4. An electronic card can also be sent if you have the email address of the person the gift is being purchased for.
  5. Alternatively you can send an e-card and download the poster yourself. This obviously sparing the resources of the charity and planet.

The Gifts

Prices start at just £5.The presents you can purchase fall into a number of broad themes that reflects the work of Save the Children and at the time of writing included:


  • Health Gifts
    • Warm clothes for a child, mosquito nets, bicycle for a health worker, a health worker's first aid kit and a year's healthcare for a child.
  • Educational Gifts
    • Camel Library! Yes literally a library on the back of a dromedary, shoes to allow children to walk to school and out of poverty, fund a place in a school for a willing student, give a teacher a hand by providing his or her teaching kit, a bike allows a child to travel over relatively long distances to attend school, how about building an actual classroom, provide school equipment and textbooks or a wheelchair to enable a disabled child some independence.
  • Earning A Living
    • Buy a family a gift that enables them to make some money and create an improvements in the conditions for the children, perhaps even allowing them the chance to attend school. Gifts include; four small trees to cultivate for food and possibly increase their income, a gardening pack, buy chickens to improve diet and possibly create an income, buy a Yak, essential to providing children with milk and butter in mountainous regions, seeds for cultivations or even a pair of goats.
  • Emergency Situations
    • When times are hard you can help children recover by buying them an emergency food pack, there's also a family emergency pack with blankets, shelter and soap, a family food basket will help sustain a small family for a month.
  • Gifts For A Newborn Baby
    • 'No child born to die' survival kit, includes essentials needed by a new mum, a baby kit including a bowl, soap and more essentials, baby cot, baby hat and blanket and midwife training.
  • Toys For Children
    • Art sets with pens, pencils and paints, a football or a toy for children that have been caught up in conflict.

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