Mindfulness Meditation In Canterbury - Meditation For Beginners

The Canterbury Meditation For Health Group, 1 to 1 Classes And A Monthly Workshop

Heard something about meditation and what to know more? This in essence is the purpose of Meditation for Health in Kent, an organisation created specifically to share meditation expertise. We don't offer meditation in a religious context, rather as a tool to improve general health and well being. If this sounds interesting please read on.

Canterbury Meditation For Beginners

1 to 1 sessions with experienced and vetted teachers sometimes available, when demand is high appointments at short notice may not always be available. For more details sign up to our newsletter. No previous meditation experience is necessary.

Who Can Meditation Help?

Meditation may be useful for anyone who wishes to calm the mind and clarify the thinking process for a few minutes each day. In due course the process is likely to improve concentration, reduce stress and enable us to take life a little more in our stride.

You don't need any experience, if necessary we can provide or arrange a suitable venue, the only prerequisite is to want to try meditation.

For more details about the benefits and techniques you can visit www.meditationforhealth.co.uk.

What We Do

Our 1 to 1 support provides guidance and practical help for people who want to meditate, often for the first time. We do require users to pay any direct costs (travelling expenses for example) and a contribution to the time of the meditation guide. If the fee is a problem we will try and work around the issue.

We teach three basic meditations: A Simple Breathing Meditation, Sound based Meditation and a Mindfulness Meditation.

Anyone who has ongoing physical or mental health issues requiring the regular support of a health care professional should seek the advice of their doctor before they start. Having said this the techniques we use have been around for thousands of years and are tried and trusted. We use the methods that we ourselves have been taught, rather than inventing something new.

For people new to meditation we suggest three one hour sessions spread over a two week period, we're happy to provide individual one off sessions or to make longer term arrangements. We also provide a group meditation service for businesses and community groups. Please email us for more information.

Meditation For Health In Kent

The organisation has a mission to:

"To deliver relevant meditation information and support to anyone who might benefit from the experience."

Being a secular organisation Meditation for Health in Kent doesn't offer any religious or spiritual teaching, rather it aims at providing simple: instructions, help and advice for people wishing to meditate or learn a little more about the subject.

Our guides are all experienced meditators having practised under respected meditation masters and teachers - typically for ten to twenty years. Several are committed to a particular spiritual path but teach meditation outside of any religious tradition.

We ask for a contribution to cover the cost of the meditation guide in addition to travelling time/costs if they are coming any great distance. We have male and female guides based in Kent and Essex.

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