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Yourcounty has been published since 2000 during which time the comments from our users have had a significant impact on the quality and quantity of our coverage. The number of pages we feature, how much information we publish and the precise nature of that content have all been formed to a greater or lesser extent thanks to information from a number of sources including direct comment from our audience.

The moral of the all this is if you particularly like (or don't like) what we do tell us about it. We may not always be able to provide a reply to every email we receive but we do take all comments into account.

You can reach us at any one of the following email addresses. Follow this link if you want more information about advertising with Yourcounty. and this if you need help and advice about using the website.

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We would politely like to point out that:

  • We read every email we receive we can't always reply personally to everything that comes into us.

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You can submit written content to us by writing to: 62 St Martin's Road, Canterbury, Kent CT1 1QP - 01227 472582.